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90X100FERRO manifesto – the contradiction laboratory

11 Luglio 2016

Geometric lines twines inspired by the innovative prospective of the Nordic design. This is 90X100FERRO, a new craftsmanship Italian brand creating indoor and outdoor furniture loving from 2015 a concept based on the beauty and uniqueness of imperfection.

The supreme stylistic choice for 90X100FERRO’s designers is the raw material revival and iron stands as the absolute protagonist reinterpreted using lots of manufacturing techniques. Matched with wood, fabrics or plastic elements iron is a hard material handled with extreme lightness shaped in a contradictory laboratory where artisans create for very different kinds of requests.

The international taste is mixed with the best Made in Italy charm and timeless objects are appreciated also for their modern trends’ inspirations. 90X100FERRO’s aim is 90X100 clear. The 10 left is made of every creation’s eccentricity.

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Intrecci di linee geometriche ispirate al design nordico che creano inediti giochi di prospettiva. Questo è 90X100FERRO, nuova realtà di artigianato lombardo specializzato nell’arredamento d’interni ed esterni che dal 2015 ha sviluppato un concept estetico basato sull’unicità dell’imperfezione. Read more


Rarámuri Sandals

28 Giugno 2016

Rarámuri is the name of an Indigenous tribe living on the high Mexican mountains describing themselves in the name as “those with light feet”. This is the starting point of a deep and intense story called Rarámuri Sandals started three years ago.

Working as a volunteer in Guatemala, exploring Nicaragua and Colombia, the Belgian teacher Edel Van Riet decided to travel in 2013 to Latin America, discovering cultures and heaven places living in touch with locals. Once back to Belgium, he found the brand Rarámuri Sandals not only to create fashionable and comfortable accessories but finding a way to continue that unique and great experience.

Transferring the simplicity and creativity of Rarámuri tribe in feminine and trendy sandals, the designer chooses a sole made from recycled leather and volcanic rubber combined with a range of ribbons in beautiful colors and different fabrics. Six are the methods you can follow to create every time a new sandal to wear and two are the soles available called as famous Mexican beaches; Cancun with five ribbon-holes and Tulum with three.

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Rarámuri è il nome di una tribù indigena che vive sulle alte montagne del Messico; il loro nome significa “dai piedi leggeri”. Questo è il punto di partenza di un’intensa storia chiamata Rarámuri Sandals iniziata tre anni fa.

Lavorando come volontario in Guatemala ed esplorando Nicaragua e Colombia, l’insegnante belga Edel Van Riet ha deciso nel 2013 di viaggiare in America Latina scoprendone le culture e vivendo a stretto contatto con le popolazioni locali. Una volta tornato in patria ha fondato il marchio Rarámuri Sandals non solo per il piacere di disegnare graziosi sandali femminili ma trovando un modo per continuare quella splendida avventura iniziata dall’altra parte del mondo. Read more


IF Bags

24 Giugno 2016

IF Bags is color, joy and desire for travel.

It’s the backpack born to be comfortable and easy to wear, ample and strong perfect for every adventure, in the city or around the world. The concept is essential but certainly unique, invented by the friends Isabella, Francesca and Claudia in 2010 in Milan. The motto says “It’s hard to be easy”. Yes IF Bags it’s simple but always moving with the times.

Conceived as an eco-friendly leather bag finished and completed with a rope and wood details, IF Bags backpack is entirely realized in Italy, sustainable and artisanal. You can create it follow your own taste choosing between 23 different colors and 4 kind of rope. It will be the one for you and you will never leave it at home. The leather is available stranded, printed or polished, other materials are jeans, cork and cotton.

Collaborations, events and news are always on the way because IF Bags is dynamic and modern. Discover the new store in corso Porta Ticinese in Milan; you will find your perfect IF Bags!

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IF Bags è colore, voglia di viaggiare e voglia di scoprire.

E’ lo zaino nato per essere pratico e comodo, capiente ed indistruttibile adatto per ogni avventura, metropolitana e non. Il concept è essenziale ma decisamente unico, ideato dalle amiche Isabella, Francesca e Claudia nel 2010 a Milano e contraddistinto dal motto “è dura essere semplici”. Semplice si ma sempre al passo coi tempi.

Concepito come una sacca in ecopelle rifinita e completata da una corda fermata da dettagli in legno fresato, lo zaino IF Bags è realizzato interamente in Italia, è 100% ecosostenibile ed artigianale. Lo si può creare a piacimento cambiandone infinitamente i particolari. Il segreto sta dunque nella possibilità di averne illimitate combinazioni, così che ogni accessorio possa essere unico ed inimitabile come chi lo indossa. E’ disponibile in 23 colori e 4 diversi tipi di corda oltre che in diversi materiali. L’ecopelle può essere scelta intrecciata, stampata o liscia ma ci si può divertire mixando anche denim, sughero o cotone. Read more



9 Giugno 2016

Italian elegance expressed with authenticity.

This is the secret of the brand Berwich, founded in 2007 by the company Icoman based in Martina Franca, one of the most important Italian textile districts next to Taranto.

Research, quality and tradition are the label’s strengths from three generations and the symbol of its long-time experience. Comfort and fitting are Berwich’s priorities and the trousers are created to dress men and women all day long, for every occasion.

Berwich’s savoir faire is about every detail’s attention; pinces and specific stitches all along hips are studied to fit perfectly and during the years the brand has tested lots of textures, silhouettes and shapes appropriate for both an elegant and contemporary style.

For the fall-winter 2016/2017 the female collection Madame Berwich focus is about natural fibers: noble wool and cotton are chosen in autumn colors like dark green, red-purple and rust tones. Check, damié and micropattern printings mix each other in refined weave effects.

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L’eleganza italiana espressa con autenticità.

E’ questo il segreto di Berwich, marchio italiano fondato nel 2007 che fa capo ad Icoman, azienda leader nel settore tessile italiano situata nel distretto di Martina Franca a Taranto e che da tre generazioni ha fatto di ricerca, qualità e tradizione la sua forza. Read more


Sartoria Vico

7 Giugno 2016

“We dream big take care of every little detail.

With love, in Italy”.

It’s a clear and declared promise, considered for ironic, creative and free women.

Sartoria Vico, brand founded in Milan in 2012, imagines clothes sarting from the body shapes and realizes them carefully chosing high quality materials for a real and durable comfort.

The different wearability of Sartoria Vico collections offer different kind of matching and inspirations, for a wardrobe never out of fashion.

Knitwear is the fil rouge through the seasons; essential style, volume’s study and semplicity the priorities.

For the spring summer 2016 collection Sartoria Vico transposes on design suggestions like fresh air smell and raibow-coloured horizons. In the color palette the main tints are light and warm. Ochre, bright red and pink let the mind travel to a summer sunset while black, grey and white tones are neutral and always perfect. The knitting techniques switch between symmetric and regular lines and open and blurred forms, everything balanced moving. The perfect mix of oversize kimono and wide-legged trousers coexists with slim longuette and skinny dresses.

Sartoria Vico is designed to be timeless, created to reach pure and eternal forms.

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“Sogniamo in grande curando i più piccoli dettagli.

Con amore, in Italia”.

Una dichiarata e sincera promessa, pensata per donne ironiche, creative e dallo spirito libero. Read more



1 Giugno 2016

Black and raw inner tubes become elegant and clean-lines jewels and accessories. This is MorganaCrea concept, brand founded in Turin in 2010 by Ilaria Martorana, theater costume and styling lover.

Always taking care about environmental protection and eco-friendly life-stryle, the designer experimented techniques for inner tubes recycle from an artistic point of view creating single pieces and limited edition with a strong brand identity.

Even if the extreme MorganaCrea accessories precision seems come out of laser cut, the manufacturing is entirely artisanal. The designer obsession for details and top manual skills are raised using scissors, scalpel and a die cutter.

Ilaria loves to experiment using different materials. For this reason she realizes bags, pouches and backpacks starting from recycled leather or jewels details with aluminium using a hacksaw, an hummer and little files for finishing. Silver and brass are other materials she’s experimenting.

MorganaCrea jewels are available on the shop online Etsy.

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Nere e grezze camere d’aria diventano gioielli ed accessori dalle linee pulite ed eleganti. Questo è MorganaCrea, marchio fondato nel 2010 a Torino da Ilaria Martorana, creativa appassionata di sartoria teatrale e moda.

Da sempre attenta alla salvaguardia dell’ambiente e ad uno stile di vita sostenibile, la designer ha sperimentato il riciclo di camere d’aria dal punto di vista artistico dedicandosi alla creazione di pezzi unici e limited edition dalla forte identità stilistica. Read more



26 Maggio 2016

It was once the suitcase, the table, the bed and the home that symbolized the identity of kingdoms. It was hanged on walls and closed off passages. Today it is accommodated on the floor, dressing the home, warming the cold parts, separating the outside from the inside, the up from the down, creating a unique space, symbolized by its very nature. Because you tread the rug for passion, barefoot. It is a regained freedom, a soft domesticity that embellishes and characterizes any environment.
Because the rug is emotion.

Karpeta introduces itself like that and everything is perfect.

Born from the love for weaving and innovation, Karpeta brand was founded in 2006 in Reggio Calabria from Daniele Morabito and Simona Scollica. A charming holiday to Thailand reveled them the harmony of the loom working slowly and rhythmically;  from here the talent to build up a strong brand identity representing research and style.

Between modernity and tradition colorful natural fibers weave together in a contemporary and surprising result. The pleasure of living home spaces is enriched with refined design and personal taste.

Stealing the name of islands and magical locations and atmospheres, Karpeta collections are realized with cotton, linen, silk and wool. Furthermore the tailor made service guides the client thinking and designing his home textiles.

Visit the website ; every rugs is described in every characteristic, reports the name of the creator and the technique she/he used to made it. Read more



24 Maggio 2016

Bonotto is a story started in 1912 living now its fourth family generation. Founded in Vicenza as a small business producing straw hats, from 1972 the company is a landmark for international textile handcraft and research in fashion.

Against industrial standardization and low-cost serial production, Bonotto Spa raised quality as the very first priority thanks to the concept of Fabbrica Lenta (Slow Industry). From 2007 Bonotto started using mechanical machineries without automatisms establishing an ancient and natural connection between man and machine. As a contemporary development of the Renaissance atelier, the Fabbrica Lenta method gives value to the product while creating an handmade luxury.

200 master artisans work at four different textile collections; from the prêt à porter line to the sportswear for man, from the modern luxury textile to the creations realized with ancient Japanese looms.

Talking about Japan I can’t forget to mention the international artist Yoko Ono as main sponsor for Bonotto Foundation in 2013. The year after with the project called Fabrics Room, Bonotto chose to make the company textiles available to the best international fashion schools. Bonotto is also an historical archive with thousand of vintage creations perfect to fill needs of technical research and immense beauty.

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Bonotto è una storia nata nel 1912 e arrivata oggi alla quarta generazione. Fondata all’inizio per produrre cappelli in paglia, l’azienda vicentina è oggi un’industria verticale a ciclo completo che dal 1972 fa della manifattura e ricerca tessile un riferimento internazionale nel campo della moda. Read more



18 Maggio 2016

Jewelry design is not just creating accessories. There’s much more behind and Primordiale brand is a good example. The variety of stylistic influences of the Italian label ranges from art, fashion, design and architecture.

Primordiale is a contemporary jewelry brand founded in Milan in 2012 by the fashion stylist Eleonora Tonini. As a combination of primitive shapes and modern design, Primordiale is defined by the creator as unisex, dressing both men and women without gender distinctions. The jewel is conceived as the absolute protagonist, as a tribal ornament showing the power and style of the person who wears it.

Focusing on the materials study and experimentation, Primordiale can match raw and natural matters like wood with high-tech elements like plexiglass, pvc and artificial resins.

The quote “less is more” is the starting point for the spring summer 2016 collection, a capsule called Essenza created using pvc and transparent plexiglass phials set in aluminum supports. The aim is to express the deep essence of the avant-garde brand using just a few elements.

Discover more on the website .

Design del gioiello non significa solo creare accessori. E’ molto di più. Il brand Primordiale lo dimostra.

La varietà di tematiche a cui si ispira spazia dall’arte alla moda, dal design all’architettura. Read more


Carlo Volpi Knitwear

10 Maggio 2016

From Florence to London. Here is the story of a knitting artist who takes inspirations from Pop trend and urban culture landscapes.

Carlo Volpi founded his label in 2014 thanks to his life-long affair with knitting. Both of his grandmothers worked for small knit factories in a village next to Florence and from them he inherited the passion for his craft.

After completing the Royal College of Art in London, Carlo Volpi’s works started to gain popularity and prestigious success. Winning an award at Premiere Vision in Paris, being chosen in 2015 by Vogue to show his collection during Milan Fashion Week, exposing at the event  Altaroma, Carlo Volpi Knitwear brand is known as one of the best example of knitting experimentation and study.

Carlo Volpi’s creations are characterized by a vibrant clash of colors  and an eclectic mix of stitches and textures. He loves to reinvent traditional hand crafted techniques mixing them with the latest manufacturing technologies. The result is a series of exclusive and limited pieces created in London and Italy by himself and a small team of knitters.

After the collections Lipstick Stab Wounds and 000, 0Love 4Love takes inspiration from the short and repetitive love stories passing by on the radio. The fast and banal emotions that characterize modern love songs reflect the artistic taste evolution in the society; everything moves so quickly and we don’t have the time to pay attention. The colors are bright and the tones matches quote advertise logos and sport uniforms.

As always the man who chooses Carlo Volpi Knitwear brand is eccentric, nonconformist and trusts in his individuality.

Visit the website .

Da Firenze a Londra. Questa è la storia di un artista del lavoro a maglia che si ispira alla corrente Pop e ai paesaggi culturali urbani.

Carlo Volpi ha fondato il suo brand nel 2014 grazie alla passione per la maglieria, ereditata da entrambe le nonne fin da ragazzo. Read more