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Concept Stores

Thelma Coffee & Design

9 Agosto 2016

“I wanted to create a nice location to spend time”.

That was Katrien Vandenberghe’s aim when last February she thought about founding the store Thelma Coffee & Design and the result is really surprising.

Thelma Coffee & Design is the very first concept store in Leuven that combines fashion, design and bar without confusion. In this beautiful concept store you can drink a coffee reading a cool magazine, buy interesting design object and choose your look among a great selection of fashion labels.

Pastel colors meet a clean and minimal design in harmony with the white light flooding the all space.

Thelma Coffee & Design is a lovely lounge invented by a busy mum to welcome other busy mums together with their friends and children. In one place it’s possible to relax, meet people, buy cool cosmetic products, stay with children, experience shopping and eat healthy handmade food. What else?

Pass by Thelma Coffee & Design in Vaartstraat 12, 3000 Leuven and enjoy the atmosphere!

News and lovely pictures on Thelma Coffee & Design facebook page. Read more

Concept Stores

Big One

4 Agosto 2016

Founded in 2010 in Viadana, Big One is truly the coolest store in town. As the last fashion trends inspiration for the city guys and the concept space where a real metropolitan atmosphere is created, it reflects the new generations beat and energy mixing fashion, music and design with a streetswear mood. The aim is to take inspiration from the young style culture typical of Berlin and bring it to a small (but stylish) town.

The brand selection is international and various, for her and for him. Next to casual and classic outfit the iconic pieces can’t miss. For this reason Big One can satisfy every client’s request and, among the top brand you can buy Nike, Le Coq Sportif, Komono, Nixon and Levis.

From November 2014 Big One concept store is also in Pescantina (Verona) with more labels and a more refined  selection.

Shop online on and visit the facebook pages Big-One MN and Big-One VR. Read more

Concept Stores

Store 333

15 Giugno 2016

Founded in 2009 in Parma, Store 333 is inspired by young nord-European cultures and hipster trends. Store 333 represents the personal taste of the owner Matteo, lover of cities like Amsterdam and Copenaghen, who wanted to create his ideal concept store after a 6 months fashion research.

The brands selected for man and woman reflect a young, street and experimental style without forgetting about details and materials’ quality. The international labels chosen have been discovered in fashion fairs in Denmark, Holland, Great Britain and France.

The minimal basement is entirely dedicated to design. Accessories, furniture and stationery are perfectly matching the typical Scandinavian style. Beige and neutral tones together with white and wood welcome a beautiful wall full of colored pillows.

Visit the website .

Fondato nel 2009 a Parma in Borgo Giacomo Tommasini, Store 333 è ispirato alle giovani culture nord-europee e a trend dal gusto hipster. Store 333 nasce dall’esigenza di rappresentare il gusto personale del fondatore Matteo, amante di città come Amsterdam e Copenaghen che, in seguito ad un’intensa ricerca durata circa 6 mesi, ha deciso di fondare il suo concept store ideale.

La scelta dei marchi per le proposte uomo e donna riflette uno stile giovane, street e sperimentale votato all’attenzione per i dettagli e alla qualità dei materiali. I brand internazionali proposti sono il frutto di un’attenta selezione tra fiere di settore europee in Danimarca, Olanda, Inghilterra e Francia. Read more

Concept Stores

Rewind Design

11 Novembre 2015

Rewind Design is a wonderful concept store in Antwerp selling design and fashion products following a very precious idea. From 2009 the concept and the inspirations of the entire business have been linked to ecology. Restyle, remake, redirect, recreate are the key words for this very special shop.

Rewind Design store’s concept links ecological attention to design and fashion. The products sold are made of recycled materials but also created thinking about their final aesthetic image. Reused materials and modern style meet each other in a very special business which, at the same time, takes care of the planet offering the clients something fashionable and modern to buy. Normally these last two adjectives are not evaluated in a common eco-store where the attention for the goods’ features is not the first matter.

At Rewind Design there’s a story behind every single product sold and that’s the additional value given to every single client’s purchase. “Lots of them are literally enthusiastic after my explanation about the origin of the brand or the way the company recycles the materials” explained Stijn, one of the two owners. He told me that only the 10% of the clients is really looking for something ecological; the other 90% is just looking for something nice to buy then, after being informed about the brand’s aim, they perceive the importance to help the planet using scrap materials. “Not everyone wants you to tell how they have to live and what they have to buy” told me Stijn. Read more

Concept Stores

Société Anonyme

6 Ottobre 2015

The name is an homage to the New York art gallery founded in the 20s by Marcel Duchamp and Peggy Guggenheim hosting avant-garde expositions, publications and concerts. Florence, sublime beauty, is the background. There could be no better contest for the concept store Société Anonyme. From 1999 the underground inspiration of the shop is the best way to match both art and fashion. London, Berlin and Antwerp youth atmosphere is the perfect example for Massimiliano Giannelli, owner and founder of the store.

Like Marcel Duchamp, Massimiliano chooses dada objects to decorate the openspace and enrich the style. The concept store is like a big industrial space where different materials are mixed in an unusual balance. White, prevalent on walls and floors, lends order and harmony to the all shop.

Set in the artistic and literary S.Ambrogio neighborhood, Société Anonyme is a real art space; expositions and events are frequently programmed and the store is known as one of the best in the city. A focused selection of international designers next to niche brands stands for a great research project. Société Anonyme is also an accessories and clothing label designed by Massimiliano Giannelli; sold in the store and available on the brand is synonymous of bohemian and sophisticated style.

Visit the website .

Il nome è un omaggio alla galleria d’arte fondata a New York negli anni ’20 da Marcel Duchamp e Peggy Guggenheim per ospitare mostre, pubblicazioni e performance d’avanguardia. Firenze, sublime esaltazione del bello, fa da sfondo. Quale contesto migliore per Société Anonyme? Fondato nel 1999, il concept store dall’ispirazione underground tipica di città europee come Londra, Berlino e Anversa si propone come connubio tra moda e arte, tra abbigliamento e dada. Read more

Concept Stores

A.PUUR.A – India Project

25 Settembre 2015

It’s always a pleasure to talk to someone who loves so much his job; Katrien Buyle is one of this kind of people. Owner of the two Belgian concept stores and the label A.puur.a, Katrien is such a positive person who loves to talk about her fashion inspirations, passions and projects. One of the most important ones she’s managing is about India. “It’s such an amazing country!” she told me. Developing a very interesting project working on the fall-winter collection, Katrien travelled for a month in this fabulous country to work with locals and experience the culture.

In love with Indian textiles and patterns, the designer appreciates the very good quality of materials and production so she decided to become a supporter of the precious Indian talent. Giving the possibility to men and women to work at home looking after the children and sharing fashion handcraft skills, Katrien supports small villages not far from Delhi helping citizens to be independent having their own job. Her business is nothing about exploitation but it’s created starting from communication and sharing intentions. Part of the A.puur.a collections are product in India and Indonesia because Katrien loves Asian colors and fabrics and her collections are a great expression of well-made manufacturing products.

Katrien’s words are so significant: “India is so crowded but I can see so much beauty in it! The mix of colors, fragrances and positive vibes means happiness for me. My dream is to have a bus over there to travel and explore the entire country”.

Stay tuned because the A.puur.a store in Ghent is going to be renewed and the A.puur.a collection will be enriched with home design and stationery. Follow all the news on . Read more

Concept Stores


18 Agosto 2015

Pastel colors and a delicate atmosphere catch the visitors’ attention walking down Nationalestraat in Antwerp and Onderbergen in Ghent.

The A.PUUR.A boutiques welcome anyone is looking for a particular object to decorate a private own space like a kitchen corner or a studio. Every time I enter the shop I’m surrounded by delicateness and a soft mood. Every single product is positioned near others from the same color and tint, all of them matching perfectly the neutral wood shop furniture.

The visual is curated by the owner and creator of A.PUUR.A brand Katrien Buyle. I had the pleasure to meet her and immediately is clear how she loves her job. “Doing research is my passion and I love discover new talented designer who can help me articulate the concept in my stores” she said. Katrien is fascinated by fabrics and textiles, with a special taste for oriental textures and patterns. That’s why every year she travels to India or Japan to get inspired and develop new interesting workshops together with local people.

Carpets and cushions remind immediately the eastern culture and lifestyle and wood shades of furniture are combined to colored patterns on fabrics and ceramics. For the limited edition clothes collection A.PUUR.A, Katrien Buyle chooses a touch of japanese style thanks to gold embroideries on structured jackets and colored silk shirts. “I want to sell a design rich of colors and textures because people love chromatism” the designer said. Read more

Concept Stores


6 Agosto 2015

The name of the store refers to black. Almost the entire store is black. A big part of the clothing sold is black. It seems easy to explain and talk about it but it’s not; there’s a world behind B.L.C.K. +.

B.L.C.K. + is the real concept store in Ghent. I had the pleasure to meet Christophe, the owner of the shop, and he explained a lot about his ideas and aims. Next to the other two Rewind stores (one for woman and one for man), B.L.C.K.+ stands for the most experimental one where a clear and fixed trend persists during the seasonal changes. The store setting is similar to a dark cave. The walls and the floor are raw and the lights are specially weak. Apart from clothing and accessories, it’s possible to buy also unique pieces of furniture which are part of the setting after being chosen during travels all over the world.

Since August 2013 the set Christophe wanted to establish was linked to the Scandinavian and Norway style. His purpose was to choose a selection of brands from Scandinavia in order to offer a very different and extreme concept of fashion. Avoiding the main trends, the Scandinavian style is rich of irregular shapes and clothing overlaps. The designers of this vogue use different materials and fabrics focusing their color palette on black and dark tints. From the beginning B.L.C.K.+ was something really able to attract attention in Ghent and a well-conscious group of fashion clients not only from Belgium appreciate the research job Christophe is following. In the last seasons B.L.C.K.+ is not only about Scandinavian style but a lot of international designers are sold. Read more

Concept Stores

Bjørk Florence

23 Luglio 2015

If you are in the centre of Florence and you want to move far from historical buildings and crowded museums, you can find a perfect avantgarde dimension at Bjørk concept store.

Since 2013 Bjørk store has a clear and well-developed style. The concept is based on the typical characteristics of the North Europe fashion culture. Filippo, the owner of the shop, takes inspiration from experimental european brands able to proffer a modern young style. The shapes are mainly geometrical and structured and the materials are technical and new.

In the store the client can find a focused selection of male and female clothes and accessories but the attention is directed in particular to a very big choice of magazines and books. “Thanks to the images on paper I can give a concrete and immediate vision of the concept I want to show in Bjørk” Filippo told me. The big quantity of design, architecture and fashion magazines helps the client to understand what’s the basic idea of the owner. The international journals share the same stylistical prospective; a young and fresh approach in many aspects of the new generations life. Fashion, music, food, travel and technology are the most important ones.

Visit the facebook page and enjoy the concept.

Se nel cuore di Firenze ci si volesse teletrasportare lontano da palazzi storici e musei affollati Bjøkr sarebbe senz’altro una dimensione avanguardistica perfetta.

Dal 2013 la linea stilistica di Bjørk è ben espressa e sviluppata. Il concept del negozio rimanda chiaramente alle caratteristiche della cultura di moda nord europea. Filippo, il proprietario del negozio, introduce stagionalmente brand europei sperimentali capaci di offrire uno stile giovane e moderno. Le forme di questo tipo di abbigliamento sono geometriche e strutturate grazie all’impiego di materiali tecnici. Read more

Concept Stores

Cattina Spazio Contemporaneo

7 Luglio 2015

Cattina Spazio Contemporaneo is a great art location in Brera, one of the most important cultural area in Milan. The store stands for a creative and expositive space done for different kinds of artistic talents.

Focused on Made in Italy design and style, the labels sold in the concept store are three of the eight brands produced from the big textile company Giemme in Pontevico, not far from Brescia. From December 2014 Cattina Spazio Contemporaneo store is a creative project from the fashion group Giemme Brandscorporate, where finishing tradition and innovative production meet each other in a business born in the 70’.

The design of the store is directly connected to raw textures and materials. Metal exposing furniture, leather armchairs and stone walls are the perfect frame for high-quality textile clothing. The importance of italian manufacturing, basic priority for Giemme Brandscorporate group, is translated to refined clothes and in particular shirts. Pure fibers like cotton, linen and silk build up in the store a strong image of textile choice and care.

Together with the pure white, the neutral tints of the location are perfectly combined with the soft tones of pure material goods sold. Read more