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29 Dicembre 2015

The Curliest project links Belgium and Italy in order to study and describe what is new and talented. Writing fashion articles and posting pictures, The Curliest blog supports designers and shops characterized by exclusive creations and style.

Most of the time in the fashion business the noun “concept” has an inappropriate application. Normally a “concept store” is known as a shop where you can find a very big quantity of stuff, clothes, furniture and books all together without a specific order or settlement. In these cases colors and categories are mixed chaotically and the store is not following and expressing a precise idea; indeed in this kind of shops everyone can easily find and recognize the trend of the season and every six months the concept of the location can change.

According to The Curliest a real concept store is a space where is clear and immediate the prime idea the owner wants to express. There are shops where a specific atmosphere is carefully created and, once in the store, is easy to become part of it. It’s really interesting to discover those locations in order to focus the attention on different styles and aesthetics describing them.

Similar is the attitude about brands; The Curliest is interested in designers who really have something to tell without following every season trend. The Curliest is curious to know about their inspirations and tastes and she will write about talented people who create being unique. It’s not so easy to find someone who has something to say and express and it’s a pleasure to discover and study their works. Every brand The Curliest will write about has specific characteristics and properties and it will be contextualized into a mood.

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