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18 Marzo 2017

For everything you consider essential Pijama has invented a case. In the meantime it colors your day and your humor! From 2006 Pijama accessories combine comfort and innovation and are created to match design and handiness, technology and patterns. The very first idea for the fashion designer Monica Battistella and the architect Sergio Gobbi was born from the need to protect Macbook, iPhone and iPod, later the smart concept for iPad cases and lifestyle devices. In a dense synthesis of functionality and beauty, Pijama takes neoprene as the perfect material to be enriched with patterns and different kind of textiles.

Among the news of the fall-winter 2016/2017 collection the Macro Herringbone textile created with wool and recycled cachemire realized in orange or pink palettes , the Dandy Check, squared motif made in wool with dark tones and the Dandy Sport, reconsidering Pijama’s first vintage patterns. Sofa Lurex is the jacquard with lurex details chosen in blu and white optical. New entry are the Classic Backpack, Wallet for her, Handle Bag and Rucksack with adjustable shoulder-rope and the classic Velcro latch.

The collaborations during 2016 have been a great success. The one with Brionvega, brand of the famous cube-radio taken from the 60s, leaded to the creation of the colorful and handy cube-shaped case for the radio. During Milan Design Week Pijama joined the French brand Papier Tigre realizing stationery cases and the notebook pocket using the unique Camo digital printing. For the 10th anniversary of the Italian design and communication studio Oggettispeciali based in Bologna, Pijama sewed a limited edition of bags and accessories.

Pijama matches with style both job and free-time, thinking about smart and useful solutions; sunglasses cases, slippers, travel accessories, home textiles and accessories for the bike lovers like zipped seat covers and pant savers with reflective details.

Pijama is available also online on .

Per qualsiasi cosa sia per te indispensabile Pijama ha inventato un involucro protettivo. Nel frattempo aggiunge alla tua giornata un po’ di colore. Dal 2006 gli accessori Pijama sono comodi ed innovativi, pensati per combinare design e praticità, pattern e tecnologia. L’idea iniziale della fashion designer Monica Battistella e dell’architetto Sergio Gobbi è nata dall’esigenza di proteggere Macbook, iPhone e iPod, successiva è invece l’idea di case per iPad, borse ed accessori lifestyle. In una densa sintesi di funzionalità ed estetica, Pijama ha fatto del neoprene il materiale perfetto per essere combinato a tessuti a fantasia e pattern unici. Read more


Francesca Castagnacci

18 Febbraio 2017


Her drawings are visionary and evoking, inspired by bright and glossy color palettes. Francesca Castagnacci founded the brand which takes her name in Florence in 2014 following her desire to put herself to the test. In love with her city and fascinated by art Francesca follows the creative flair that belongs to her turning a big challenge into a great success.

From her sketches details and colors are considered in a overall view which gives rise to unique accessories. Lines are clear and geometric, developed on shapes’ contrast. The stiff constructions’ asymmetry are shells revealing uncommon materials and uneven surfaces while matching soft and refined leather. Candy-pink, orange and sky-blue palettes set against precious finishing made of gold or coated-with-rubber.

Every collection’s creation is marked with an electromagnetic TAG; a unique fingerprint is matched with a smartphone app which spreads and duplicates via NFC technology special contents and stands for the object’s  guarantee.

The must-have accessory of the spring-summer 2017 collection is the #MNN bag. It’s worn wedged between the fingers thanks to a distinctive gap on top. The clutch is rounded and rigid shaped and it’s possible to wear it with a colored leather-covered bangle. Francesca Castagnacci has designed it also using the chic-pluriball surface, a stitched leather effect moving the intense bags’ outer layer.

Visit the official website . Read more


Rarámuri Sandals

28 Giugno 2016

Rarámuri is the name of an Indigenous tribe living on the high Mexican mountains describing themselves in the name as “those with light feet”. This is the starting point of a deep and intense story called Rarámuri Sandals started three years ago.

Working as a volunteer in Guatemala, exploring Nicaragua and Colombia, the Belgian teacher Edel Van Riet decided to travel in 2013 to Latin America, discovering cultures and heaven places living in touch with locals. Once back to Belgium, he found the brand Rarámuri Sandals not only to create fashionable and comfortable accessories but finding a way to continue that unique and great experience.

Transferring the simplicity and creativity of Rarámuri tribe in feminine and trendy sandals, the designer chooses a sole made from recycled leather and volcanic rubber combined with a range of ribbons in beautiful colors and different fabrics. Six are the methods you can follow to create every time a new sandal to wear and two are the soles available called as famous Mexican beaches; Cancun with five ribbon-holes and Tulum with three.

Discover the collection and shop online on .

Rarámuri è il nome di una tribù indigena che vive sulle alte montagne del Messico; il loro nome significa “dai piedi leggeri”. Questo è il punto di partenza di un’intensa storia chiamata Rarámuri Sandals iniziata tre anni fa.

Lavorando come volontario in Guatemala ed esplorando Nicaragua e Colombia, l’insegnante belga Edel Van Riet ha deciso nel 2013 di viaggiare in America Latina scoprendone le culture e vivendo a stretto contatto con le popolazioni locali. Una volta tornato in patria ha fondato il marchio Rarámuri Sandals non solo per il piacere di disegnare graziosi sandali femminili ma trovando un modo per continuare quella splendida avventura iniziata dall’altra parte del mondo. Read more


Vicolo Paglia Corta

4 Marzo 2016

You would notice Vicolo Paglia Corta jewels in a thousand. They’re colorful, funny and lively. From 2008 Katia and Marco realize jewels in a small and cozy laboratory in Bologna, in the heart of the historical city center. In this location they manage every step of their brand activity; conception, production, making, showroom and communication. The captivating design chosen by the creators takes inspiration from every-day-life colored subjects presented as rings, charms and earrings but also brooches and cufflinks.

The collections are entirely realized using recycled materials, usually Apple computer keys or second-hand and stock Lego building blocks. Starting point for Vicolo Paglia Corta brand is to avoid waste with a touch of imagination and a recycle concept. The two main capsules created are Istruzioni Zero, made of small Lego building blocks glued to each other and Riavvia, black or white Apple computer keys disassembled, cleaned and washed by hand then put together on a pvc plate after being removed from their plastic support behind. Every composition is glued to a nickel free metal becoming the final piece of jewelry.

Vicolo Paglia Corta artisanal creations are also design objects. For 380|tiles projects Katia and Marco realized stools and small or big tables using wood and mosaic surfaces made of computer keys or Lego pieces. Some of these design productions have been selected for important events like Design Week in Milan and Open Design Italy in Modena. Vicolo Paglia Corta duo invented also wall-clocks and wall-hangers.

Vicolo Paglia Corta works following every project independently and professionally, in a self-production concept and short supply chain. The brand is sold all around Europe (Belgium, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, France and Turkey) and in Hong Kong, Seoul and Camberra. From the 12th to the 17th of April Vicolo Paglia Corta will present their works at the Ex Ansaldo in Milan for the Design Week, join the English group DesignersBlock.

For all the news visit the website .

Riconoscereste i gioielli Vicolo Paglia Corta tra mille. Sono colorati, simpatici e vivaci. Dal 2008 Katia e Marco realizzano gioielli (e non solo) in un piccolo laboratorio bolognese, nel cuore del centro storico cittadino, location nella quale si occupano di ideazione, produzione, confezione, esposizione e comunicazione. Il design accattivante che i creativi privilegiano ritrae soggetti divertenti ed inaspettati sottoforma di anelli, pendenti, orecchini ma anche gemelli e spille. Read more


Sciumé Accessori

1 Marzo 2016

Sciumé creations are synonymous of personality and brilliant uniqueness. From 2012 Valentina Sciumé, graduated from the Fashion Academy in Rome, transposes elaborate structures on jewels choosing unexpected and charming solutions. The collections’ design, union of elegance and innovation, shows an high artisanal awareness that the designer learned from the most important Italian fashion atelier like Alberto Biani, Costume National and Versace.

For the spring-summer 2016 collection called Animae, Valentina develops the theme of Sicily from a picturesque point of view studying the lava as the artistic element. The incandescent substance represents the metamorphosis of the jewel becoming surreal object. Volcanic stones and raw crystals enliven the gold geometrical and rigid surfaces giving energy to the accessories. In a mix of reflections, shadows and light the aim is to create on the jewel the contrast between hot and cold, lava and icy metal.

The designer transforms the accessories in original and eclectic objects with an upstream style using hands and wrists as basis for geometrical and architectural structures. The material experimentation is for Valentina Sciumé reason of never-ending inspiration and motivation. Unique is the fall-winter 2015-2016 collection presenting little colored marbles moving between lacquer metal frames on top of the jewels. Round and angular volumes, made also of marble, alternate in a captivating joint game.

Sciumé is available on the best fashion e-commerce like Luisa Via Roma, and PreCouture. Discover all the news on .

Le creazioni Sciumé sono sinonimo di personalità e carattere, unicità e geniale fantasia. Dal 2012 Valentina Sciumé, laureata all’Accademia di Costume e Moda a Roma, traspone su gioiello strutture elaborate adottando soluzioni impreviste ed accattivanti. Il design delle collezioni, connubio tra eleganza e audacia, denota una spiccata consapevolezza artigianale che l’artista ha messo a punto negli atelier di moda italiani più conosciuti tra cui Alberto Biani, Costume National e Versace. Read more



12 Gennaio 2016

Nice volumes, retrò style and vintage patterns are the key elements for Lazzari company founded in Veneto more than thirty years ago. The brand peculiarities are fascination for textiles and attention for the production and tailoring Made in Italy meticulous methods. Lazzari is perfect for the modern girl who wants to feel feminine and pretty.

Back to School, one of the capsule of Lazzari fall-winter 2015-2016 collection, is inspired by a school attitude. The symbolic references of the school mood are the main decorative elements and the girl who wears Lazzari clothes represents the feminine youth organizing books and pencil-cases after an intense study day. Pens, erasers and glue jars are the right details for casual clothes fitting the client during the school day and they’re comfortable for a deserved amusement after homework. The advertising pictures are amazing; a white collar black dress is the extravagant re-interpretation of the smock and soft leather bags remind ample school briefcases. As surrounding layout the alphabet on the blackboard, geometry graphic lines and an atlas. Who watches is immediately taken back to the past memories when oral tests were the biggest problem and school trips were days full of laughs. Read more