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3 Gennaio 2017

The Belgian brand Komono is the result of Timing and Vision, a special intersection between the balanced forces of the two founders. Everything started  when Raf Maes, the perfectionist, and Anton Janssens, the free spirit,  met each other snowboarding and chose to share their common Belgian heritage based on fashion, design and dedication to quality.

Their views are the ones used to see over the mountains, the ones admiring and projecting constantly to the future moved by a never-ending need to dynamic tension and stream of new ideas. Komono method is to ensure a contemporary approach that avoids conventions and the inspiration is taken from culture, music and life instants.

For the fall-winter 2016/2017 collection “Crafted by Komono” is a portfolio of premium level accessories realized using high-end materials and authentic  craftsmanship. The lightness of the accessories reflects the weightless connectivity and delicate bonds that make the world so intimately attached now-a-days. The eyewear are realized using paper-thin Italian acetate and stainless steel frames. The anti-glare lenses are flat following Komono dedication to simple and basic forms.

Komono creations are shared among three deep concepts; Core – a blend of the most current trends, Crafted – the one marked by premium materials and artisanal finishing and Curated – an ongoing collection joining collaborations with the best artists of our time.

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3 Gennaio 2017

Komono founders – Raf Maes and Anton Janssens


Scarves & Stuff by Solange

31 Ottobre 2016

A soft and comfortable story made of mohair, silk, royal alpaca and merino wool. Scarves & Stuff by Solange Cools is the perfect solution to make your winter warm and cozy challenging the cold outside temperatures.

Founded in Antwerp in 2015, Scarves & Stuff is the result of a passion started when Solange was a little girl. She loved to watch her mother and grandmother transforming big balls of wool into beautiful and fluffy scarves, hats or jumpers and her dream developed during the years is now her label and joy.

For the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection Solange has been inspired by the dark and mysterious splendor of the cold months and her cute hand-made creations steal the colors of the deep and blue winter nights, the icy grey of the fleecy snow and the mountain’s sunrise pastel tones. Collars, oversized sweaters, kimono cardigans, dresses and capes but also arm warmers, hats, scarves, beanbags, pillows and bags. Every piece is made with love and it’s the symbol of sustainable style.

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Una calda e morbida storia creata partendo da materiali nobili come mohair, sete, alpaca reale e lana merino. Scarves & Stuff by Solange è la soluzione perfetta contro le freddissime temperature invernali.

Fondato ad Anversa nel 2015, il marchio Scarves & Stuff è il risultato di una passione che dura da anni, quando Solange ammirava incantata la mamma e la nonna che trasformavano grandi e soffici gomitoli in bellissimi cappelli, sciarpe e maglioni. Oggi il suo sogno è diventato il suo lavoro e la sua gioia. Read more


Ilke Cop

17 Agosto 2016

Don’t worry about here young age, Ilke Cop is a bomb!

Founded one year ago in Brussels, ILKECOP brand is having such a huge buyers and press success that last month she attended Amsterdam Fashion Week showing her collection! What a great exploit!

Ilke is a designer full of talent and creativity, concentrated about working hard and taking inspirations about something actually unusual but so curious. Circus atmosphere, freak shows, gipsy style and monster creatures are her flair and dinosaurs her mascot.

Three are the key points Ilke is focusing about and they’re all found in her label’s description: urban couture for the non-conformist.

Urban places and urban life are her first artistic elements developed through fashion. The colors chosen are in particular the reflection of the colors of the city, happy and bright tints that she wears (on her hair also!) and loves.

Couture represents the quality of her clothes, never considered on the background but always taken as the first need to start producing something really high standard. Entirely made in Belgium ILKECOP collections are embroidered by hand and an important attention is given to details and manufacturing.

Non-conformist means everything about sustainable and ethical production, respecting people and environment.

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Concept Stores

Thelma Coffee & Design

9 Agosto 2016

“I wanted to create a nice location to spend time”.

That was Katrien Vandenberghe’s aim when last February she thought about founding the store Thelma Coffee & Design and the result is really surprising.

Thelma Coffee & Design is the very first concept store in Leuven that combines fashion, design and bar without confusion. In this beautiful concept store you can drink a coffee reading a cool magazine, buy interesting design object and choose your look among a great selection of fashion labels.

Pastel colors meet a clean and minimal design in harmony with the white light flooding the all space.

Thelma Coffee & Design is a lovely lounge invented by a busy mum to welcome other busy mums together with their friends and children. In one place it’s possible to relax, meet people, buy cool cosmetic products, stay with children, experience shopping and eat healthy handmade food. What else?

Pass by Thelma Coffee & Design in Vaartstraat 12, 3000 Leuven and enjoy the atmosphere!

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