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Scarves & Stuff by Solange

31 Ottobre 2016

A soft and comfortable story made of mohair, silk, royal alpaca and merino wool. Scarves & Stuff by Solange Cools is the perfect solution to make your winter warm and cozy challenging the cold outside temperatures.

Founded in Antwerp in 2015, Scarves & Stuff is the result of a passion started when Solange was a little girl. She loved to watch her mother and grandmother transforming big balls of wool into beautiful and fluffy scarves, hats or jumpers and her dream developed during the years is now her label and joy.

For the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection Solange has been inspired by the dark and mysterious splendor of the cold months and her cute hand-made creations steal the colors of the deep and blue winter nights, the icy grey of the fleecy snow and the mountain’s sunrise pastel tones. Collars, oversized sweaters, kimono cardigans, dresses and capes but also arm warmers, hats, scarves, beanbags, pillows and bags. Every piece is made with love and it’s the symbol of sustainable style.

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Una calda e morbida storia creata partendo da materiali nobili come mohair, sete, alpaca reale e lana merino. Scarves & Stuff by Solange è la soluzione perfetta contro le freddissime temperature invernali.

Fondato ad Anversa nel 2015, il marchio Scarves & Stuff è il risultato di una passione che dura da anni, quando Solange ammirava incantata la mamma e la nonna che trasformavano grandi e soffici gomitoli in bellissimi cappelli, sciarpe e maglioni. Oggi il suo sogno è diventato il suo lavoro e la sua gioia. Read more

Concept Stores

Store 333

15 Giugno 2016

Founded in 2009 in Parma, Store 333 is inspired by young nord-European cultures and hipster trends. Store 333 represents the personal taste of the owner Matteo, lover of cities like Amsterdam and Copenaghen, who wanted to create his ideal concept store after a 6 months fashion research.

The brands selected for man and woman reflect a young, street and experimental style without forgetting about details and materials’ quality. The international labels chosen have been discovered in fashion fairs in Denmark, Holland, Great Britain and France.

The minimal basement is entirely dedicated to design. Accessories, furniture and stationery are perfectly matching the typical Scandinavian style. Beige and neutral tones together with white and wood welcome a beautiful wall full of colored pillows.

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Fondato nel 2009 a Parma in Borgo Giacomo Tommasini, Store 333 è ispirato alle giovani culture nord-europee e a trend dal gusto hipster. Store 333 nasce dall’esigenza di rappresentare il gusto personale del fondatore Matteo, amante di città come Amsterdam e Copenaghen che, in seguito ad un’intensa ricerca durata circa 6 mesi, ha deciso di fondare il suo concept store ideale.

La scelta dei marchi per le proposte uomo e donna riflette uno stile giovane, street e sperimentale votato all’attenzione per i dettagli e alla qualità dei materiali. I brand internazionali proposti sono il frutto di un’attenta selezione tra fiere di settore europee in Danimarca, Olanda, Inghilterra e Francia. Read more


Sartoria Vico

7 Giugno 2016

“We dream big take care of every little detail.

With love, in Italy”.

It’s a clear and declared promise, considered for ironic, creative and free women.

Sartoria Vico, brand founded in Milan in 2012, imagines clothes sarting from the body shapes and realizes them carefully chosing high quality materials for a real and durable comfort.

The different wearability of Sartoria Vico collections offer different kind of matching and inspirations, for a wardrobe never out of fashion.

Knitwear is the fil rouge through the seasons; essential style, volume’s study and semplicity the priorities.

For the spring summer 2016 collection Sartoria Vico transposes on design suggestions like fresh air smell and raibow-coloured horizons. In the color palette the main tints are light and warm. Ochre, bright red and pink let the mind travel to a summer sunset while black, grey and white tones are neutral and always perfect. The knitting techniques switch between symmetric and regular lines and open and blurred forms, everything balanced moving. The perfect mix of oversize kimono and wide-legged trousers coexists with slim longuette and skinny dresses.

Sartoria Vico is designed to be timeless, created to reach pure and eternal forms.

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“Sogniamo in grande curando i più piccoli dettagli.

Con amore, in Italia”.

Una dichiarata e sincera promessa, pensata per donne ironiche, creative e dallo spirito libero. Read more



18 Maggio 2016

Jewelry design is not just creating accessories. There’s much more behind and Primordiale brand is a good example. The variety of stylistic influences of the Italian label ranges from art, fashion, design and architecture.

Primordiale is a contemporary jewelry brand founded in Milan in 2012 by the fashion stylist Eleonora Tonini. As a combination of primitive shapes and modern design, Primordiale is defined by the creator as unisex, dressing both men and women without gender distinctions. The jewel is conceived as the absolute protagonist, as a tribal ornament showing the power and style of the person who wears it.

Focusing on the materials study and experimentation, Primordiale can match raw and natural matters like wood with high-tech elements like plexiglass, pvc and artificial resins.

The quote “less is more” is the starting point for the spring summer 2016 collection, a capsule called Essenza created using pvc and transparent plexiglass phials set in aluminum supports. The aim is to express the deep essence of the avant-garde brand using just a few elements.

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Design del gioiello non significa solo creare accessori. E’ molto di più. Il brand Primordiale lo dimostra.

La varietà di tematiche a cui si ispira spazia dall’arte alla moda, dal design all’architettura. Read more


Waxman Brothers

27 Aprile 2016

Wax fabric is the traditional African wax printed textile. Brothers are Nicolò Talignani and Valerio Ruberto, the founders. The key-word? Mingling. That’s Waxman Brothers.

Founded in 2013 in a bustling multicultural neighborhood in Paris as heart of the African commercial activity, Waxman Brothers brand is born from a brilliant idea; creating unique shirts for men and women mixing the typical afro pattern and the Made in Italy tailoring manufacture.

In an historical shirt maker atelier in the north of Italy that dates back to the 40s the starting point is Wax, the 100% cotton textile hand-printed combining wax and color. Every shirt tells a story that begins in Africa, passes by France and arrives in Italy. Swimwear, backpacks, bags, t-shirts and sweatshirts complete what the designers call World Apparel; the style for a new generation marked by the  mingling of different cultures.

Waxman Brothers most important concept is the mingle between cultures’ elements and artistic inspirations. The brand brings together  the world of fashion with other creative expressions such as design and music. Linked to the Wax Connection are the brand Kuishi (literally “to live” in Swahili), born in 2015 in collaboration with Nicola Manfredi and the various music network that Waxman Brothers supports. The brand collaborates with international artists and performers like Jovanotti, Malika Ayane and Joan Thiele spreading the World Music; the result of the combination of Jazz, Soul, R&B, afro music and hip hop. This year Waxman Brothers will be partner of the music festival MI AMI in Milan the 27th and 28th of May.

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Wax è il tradizionale tessuto africano stampato a cera. Brothers sono Nicolò Talignani e Valerio Ruberto, i fondatori. Parola chiave? Contaminazione. Il gioco è fatto. Questo è Waxman Brothers.

Fondato nel 2013 a Parigi in un vivace quartiere multiculturale, centro del commercio africano, il brand Waxman Brothers nasce da un’intuizione geniale; mixare i pattern tipici della cultura afro alla sartoria Made in Italy per camicie uniche (e non solo). Read more



12 Aprile 2016

Narguess Hatami is the creative soul of the brand Miahatami, label founded in 2015 in San Marino. The name, a clear reference to the designer’s surname, reflects her family artistical Persian roots and the Middle East culture.

Influenced by art and its thousand sides and in particular inspired by painting, drawing and music, Narguess creates an intercultural, eclectic and sophisticated style. Colors, patterns and traditions are the main values for Miahatami, brand that the creator considers “a meeting point between Middle East and European design”.

For the spring-summer 2016 collection a very contemporary femininity starts from tapestries and frescoes typical of the Persian Empire. The charm of iconography travels from kilim carpets to the image of the sovereign FathAli taken as a decoration for t-shirts and shirts thanks to the illustrator Federico Monzani. The study of shapes is a light abundance of volumes and rational imbalances. Repeated overlapping give movement to the silhouette and, in many cases, the veiled transparent outer layer reveals the internal one, featuring both the same patterns which create three-dimensional impressions. Kaleioscopic pictures, embroideries and colors quote the atmosphere of Persia, the legendary “silk road”. Royal blue, canary yellow, flame red and sunny orange play with each other in prints, stripes and inserts while nobles materials coexist with techno-textures: nylon organza and silk organza, poplin, georgette and duchess, raffia and cotton.

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3 Aprile 2016

Born in Arezzo (Tuscany) in 2009, Tvscia brand derives its strength from its origins and finds in far away cultures its inspirations. Elisa Soldini and Lucia Padrini, as the creative duo, mix rock and punk in a sensual and sophisticated manner for a modern total look still sober in its appearance.

The attention is dedicated to the fabrics’ choice, certainly interpreted as the instrument to represent on clothing all the natural and artificial material contaminations. Rocks, wood, ground, air but also metal, cement and glass.

The 2016 spring-summer collection is called Evolution and it’s the symbol of a perfect bond between humanity and nature, in detail between the mutations and revolutions causing social and personal evolutions. The strength of nature is displayed by the iridescent technical silk and the crêpe patterns  recalling rudimentary surfaces and oxidized metals.

Tvscia’s woman loves being noticed for her elegance and femininity without the need of shouting out loud.

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Nato ad Arezzo nel 2009, il brand Tvscia ricerca nelle origini la sua forza e trova nelle culture lontane e in profonde contaminazioni le sue più forti ispirazioni. Il duo creativo è composto da Elisa Soldini e Lucia Padrini che mixano ispirazioni rock e punk in chiave sensuale e sofisticata, dedicando ad un total look moderno e pregno di significato una natura del tutto sobria.

L’attenzione è riservata alla scelta dei tessuti, indubbiamente intesi come lo strumento per rappresentare sull’abito contaminazioni provenienti dalla matericità di elementi naturali e non. Rocce, legno, terra, aria ma anche metallo, cemento, vetro. Read more


Pommes De Claire – MIX & MATCH Collection

23 Marzo 2016

Mix & Match is synonymous of versatility and Made in Italy tailoring. From 2014 the Italian brand Pommes de Claire designed by Chiara Salvioli is enriched with a continual collection next to the seasonal ones. The chromatic choice is absolute; just black and white. Basic pieces of clothing realized to be combined and mixed for never-ending looks. The process is simple and funny:

  • Choose the top: shirt, t-shirt, top, jacket and outercoat.
  • Choose the second piece: skirt or trousers.
  • Mix & Match.

Even if Mix & Match color choice is only about black and white, from the textile point of view there’s such an explosion of experiments. Pattern, lace, leather, cotton, wool, jacquard, silk. Everything mixed with cool accessories like collars and suspenders.

For the spring-summer 2016 the news is lace. For the first time the designer introduces long dresses in two different versions: in black with long sleeves and calf-length skirt or in black with short sleeves and long ankle-length skirt. The lace bomber jacket is fabulous!

Mix & Match is available online on .

Mix & Match è sinonimo di versatilità e sartorialità Made in Italy. Dal 2014 il marchio mantovano Pommes de Claire di Chiara Salvioli si arricchisce di una collezione continuativa parallela alle proposte stagionali che persegue una scelta cromatica ben precisa; bianco e nero. Capi basici e senza tempo sono realizzati per essere combinati e mescolati; l’obiettivo è comporre look sempre diversi e adatti ad ogni occasione. Il procedimento è semplice e divertente:

  • scegli il capo sopra: camicia, top, giaccha, gilet e capospalla.
  • scegli il capo sotto: gonna e pantalone.
  • Mix & Match.

Se dal punto di vista cromatico Mix & Match non si discosta da bianco e nero, dal punto di vista dei tessuti la collezione è esplosiva. Pattern, pizzi, pelle, cotone, lana, jacquard, seta. Il tutto abbinato ad accessori come colletti o bretelle.

Per la primavera-estate 2016 i pezzi chiave Mix & Match sono in pizzo. Per la prima volta la designer propone un abito lungo realizzato in due versioni: nero con maniche lunghe e gonna all’altezza del ginocchio oppure nero con maniche corte e lungo fino alle caviglie. Il bomber in pizzo poi è una favola!

Mix & Match è disponibile esclusivamente online su .