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Ilke Cop

17 Agosto 2016

Don’t worry about here young age, Ilke Cop is a bomb!

Founded one year ago in Brussels, ILKECOP brand is having such a huge buyers and press success that last month she attended Amsterdam Fashion Week showing her collection! What a great exploit!

Ilke is a designer full of talent and creativity, concentrated about working hard and taking inspirations about something actually unusual but so curious. Circus atmosphere, freak shows, gipsy style and monster creatures are her flair and dinosaurs her mascot.

Three are the key points Ilke is focusing about and they’re all found in her label’s description: urban couture for the non-conformist.

Urban places and urban life are her first artistic elements developed through fashion. The colors chosen are in particular the reflection of the colors of the city, happy and bright tints that she wears (on her hair also!) and loves.

Couture represents the quality of her clothes, never considered on the background but always taken as the first need to start producing something really high standard. Entirely made in Belgium ILKECOP collections are embroidered by hand and an important attention is given to details and manufacturing.

Non-conformist means everything about sustainable and ethical production, respecting people and environment.

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Doriane Van Overeem

6 Agosto 2016

Two parallel universes mixed in one brand. This is Doriane Van Overeem Belgian label.

Based in Brussels after graduated at La Cambre Mode(s) in 2013, Doriane Van Overeem presents her third collection called Porn is for girls too representing clearly a creative outsider’s point of view. In her mind a precise aim; a commitment dedicated to women. Doriane empowers women and gives voice to unsaid issues, everything through fashion. Celebrating the female world using a nonconformist concept, the designer spreads strong messages showing a Grunge Chic style.

Doriane’s artistic impulse belongs to both a poetic and punk universe, where romantic and delicate flowers meet unusual textures and a rebellious spirit. The materials used are precious but comfortable, the signature is a bold courage mixed to a sweet manner and the attitude is looking at a sassy insolence that finally meets elegance.

Shop online on NJAL and Doriane Van Overeem website .

Due universi paralleli combinati in un brand. Questo e molto altro è Doriane Van Overeem.

Doriane vive a Bruxelles dove si è laureata a La Cambre Mode(s) nel 2013. Presenta la sua terza collezione chiamata Porn is for girls too dichiarando chiaramente il suo essere totalmente outsider. Nella sua mente un obiettivo preciso; un impegno dedicato alle donne e al mondo che le riguarda. Doriane Van Overeem da forza all’universo femminile dando voce ad aspetti e temi solitamente taciuti e, per farlo, si serve del linguaggio della moda. Celebrando il gentil sesso mediante un concept anticonformista, la designer diffonde forti e significativi messaggi con una moda dallo stile Grunge Chic dai materiali preziosi ma comodi. Read more


Stéphanie Anspach

20 Aprile 2016

Stéphanie Anspach prefers learning from life experiences instead of attending fashion schools. She founded her brand in 2014 in Brussels, thinking about a young and chic woman who loves to travel, dream and wear comfortable clothes. Music is often one of the starting points for her collections and one of her main inspirations, together with femininity and freshness mixed with a touch of androgynous elegance.

Facing the strong theme of food, for her spring-summer 2016 collection Stéphanie Anspach transposes in fashion the society’s habits about eating obsessions. On the background a modern society constantly taking pictures about healthy food and good-looking courses, on clothes leeks, radishes and vegetable’s leaves embroidered by hand. Green, white and purple, as some of the main colors found in vegetables, enrich the all capsule. Inspired by the beauty and charm of textures, the designer chooses to combine very different materials and techniques like neoprene and cross-stitches decorations, exclusively realized in Belgium.

Regular volumes and minimal lines are the fil rouge with Stéphanie Anspac’s previous collections and the style is still clean and spontaneously refined.

The right motto for Stéphanie Anspach is “less is mode”; to symbolize that a well made dress doesn’t need anything else to be beautiful.

Visit the website .

Stéphanie Anspach preferisce attingere da concrete esperienze personali e professionali, per questo non ha frequentato una scuola di moda se non per un breve periodo. Nel 2014 ha fondato a Bruxelles il suo marchio, pensando ad una giovane donna che, come lei, ama viaggiare, sognare e indossare vestiti comodi e chic. La musica è spesso fonte di ispirazione, insieme a femminilità e freschezza mixate ad un’androgina eleganza. Read more


The Belgians exposition at Bozar Brussels 5th June – 13th September 2015

22 Ottobre 2015

Differently from many people beliefs, the Belgian fashion designers are more than just six. Focused on the Six of Antwerp explosion in the early 80s, many people (even the fashion press) forget that Belgium is full of young talented creators who deserve attention. “The Belgians” exposition at Bozar in Brussels from the 5th of June to the 13th of September 2015 has undertaken a big deal; show to the world that Belgian fashion is alive, modern and flourishing.

Visiting the exposition it has been possible to identify and appreciate the various and different Belgian style, real and tangible thanks to all the designers who came after the famous Six. Cedric Jacquemyn, Veronique Braquinho and Raf Simons are just a few of them. Apart from what happened after the Six there’s something else you should know; fashion has been important for Belgium many years before the 80s. Incredible! Isn’t it? Guiding the visitors through videos, Didier Vervaeren, curator of the exposition and Belgian fashion specialist, introduced to the audience two pioneers of Belgian creativity: Yvette Lauwaert and Ann Salens. Yvette Lauwaert launched her label in 1965 and opened her store in Ghent in 1969. “The Bride was in Red”, a magnificent long red dress, is one of her most impressive creations and it has been shown at the beginning of the exposition. Ann Salens during the 60s has been known in Antwerp for her colorful knitted garments created with unstructured and flowing silhouettes. She considered her work as counterbalance to the rigours of the Parisian fashion. Ann Salens opened her shop in Antwerp in 1962.

A big part of the exposition has been dedicated to another designer who has been so important in the ’80 together with Ann Demeulemeester, Marina Yee, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkemberg and Dries Van Noten; he is Martin Margiela. Taken as example of Belgian fashion and known as clothes full of concept, Martin Margiela creations are described as unprecedented fashion projects. Avoiding the commercial routine typical of the fashion system, Martin Margiela, called the invisible designer, is the only one who focused his work only on design and experiments creating a unique brand identity. His attitude for the recycle of materials and unusual textures is studied by all the new generations of designers. Read more