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Doriane Van Overeem

6 Agosto 2016

Two parallel universes mixed in one brand. This is Doriane Van Overeem Belgian label.

Based in Brussels after graduated at La Cambre Mode(s) in 2013, Doriane Van Overeem presents her third collection called Porn is for girls too representing clearly a creative outsider’s point of view. In her mind a precise aim; a commitment dedicated to women. Doriane empowers women and gives voice to unsaid issues, everything through fashion. Celebrating the female world using a nonconformist concept, the designer spreads strong messages showing a Grunge Chic style.

Doriane’s artistic impulse belongs to both a poetic and punk universe, where romantic and delicate flowers meet unusual textures and a rebellious spirit. The materials used are precious but comfortable, the signature is a bold courage mixed to a sweet manner and the attitude is looking at a sassy insolence that finally meets elegance.

Shop online on NJAL and Doriane Van Overeem website .

Due universi paralleli combinati in un brand. Questo e molto altro è Doriane Van Overeem.

Doriane vive a Bruxelles dove si è laureata a La Cambre Mode(s) nel 2013. Presenta la sua terza collezione chiamata Porn is for girls too dichiarando chiaramente il suo essere totalmente outsider. Nella sua mente un obiettivo preciso; un impegno dedicato alle donne e al mondo che le riguarda. Doriane Van Overeem da forza all’universo femminile dando voce ad aspetti e temi solitamente taciuti e, per farlo, si serve del linguaggio della moda. Celebrando il gentil sesso mediante un concept anticonformista, la designer diffonde forti e significativi messaggi con una moda dallo stile Grunge Chic dai materiali preziosi ma comodi. Read more


Van Hongo

2 Febbraio 2016

Clearly not a name with flemish roots, Van Hongo is the synthesis of japanese creativity and belgian studies. After the degree in architecture, Izumi Hongo moved to Belgium and she started attending the Fashion Academy in Antwerp. She graduated in 2010 and founded her own brand Van Hongo in 2011. “I decided to have a name which could link my origin to the country where I became a fashion designer” she said. I met Izumi in her store in Marnixplaats in Antwerp, located in a very nice area called Zuid where design and fashion meet each other in a free and interesting way.

Through the collections the brand Van Hongo has persisted peculiarities: silk and knitting. Printed colorful silk trousers and light silk shirts are the main pieces of clothing in every season. The designer is also fascinated by the property of knitting to create irregular surfaces and structures. Thanks to these materials every single shape and figure can be created and Izumi enriches her creations with unusual lines.

Izumi doesn’t belong to the group of japanese designers who are focusing their works on black. Like them she takes care of shapes and surfaces of clothing but using different colors and tones. Indeed her collections are full of color energy and she gets inspiration from every kind of chromatic scale. Izumi has a preference for pastel and soft tones but we can also appreciate some strong choices like a dark purple or a flashy orange.

The traditional femininity expressed by Van Hongo collections combines original layering techniques and sophisticated textures.

Check Van Hongo collections on .

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Les Libellules

26 Gennaio 2016

Once upon a time there was a cosy hatmaker small shop in the center of Bologna. From 2010 it became a magic place populated by colorful tiny animals living in a fantastic atmosphere. It’s Les Libellules store, “magasin de vêtements pour enfants” far away from ready-to-wear but so close to the wonderful children’s universe. Paola, Isabelle and Alice created a real treat with a retrò taste which can catch every mum’s look beyond the little window in San Vitale street.

That’s the beginning of Les Libellules’s story, Bolognese brand invented thanks to the artistic and tailoring skills of a surprising creative trio and their love for children. Inspired by never-ending imagination, the designers always focus their attention on comfort and materials. Les Libellules clothes are hand-made using high-quality, non-allergic and soft textiles, often 100% pure cotton and linen. Just a little bit further in the same street, in Les Libellules atelier, a fabrics collection for the up-coming seasons, carefully selected and tidily organized (jacquard is their favorite!). If you want to know their story, in the room beside there’s a big sofa perfect for a tea and a pleasant chat.

In love with Japanese style and outlines, the designers re-interpret the classic kimono shapes for little dresses and t-shirts perfect for every kid’s dynamic day. Les Libellules children are happy and smiling, ready to go playing in the garden and enjoy fantasy. But there’s more than that… Paola, Isabelle and Alice think also about mums and, modeling length and lines, they create unique pieces with premaman or casual style. Read more


1177 ElevenSeventyseven

29 Luglio 2015

ElevenSeventyseven is a great example of fashionable technology and functional elegance. Known for a special fiber adopted, the brand produces socks combing urban style and comfort. Textile research and experimentation together with stylish details for men, women and kids meet each other in an extraordinary proud of Made in Italy. Ileana Spa company, in the socks fashion district next to Brescia, in the north of Italy, has thirty years of experience gained thanks to international collaborations and wise organizing abitily.

After being tested on more than 10.000 athletes during a three-years research, the 1177 socks have been introduced for the first time in every-day life from June 2014. Born from the production skills and creativity of the italian company, the brand 1177 built up a unique strategy and communication project as expression of dynamism and energy.

The special textile used is the lightest found in nature and it has specific characteristics of strength and thermo-regulation. The fiber is dyed during the very first steps of the production with solid additives that don’t need to be destroyed; for this reason the material is totally recyclable. The yarn has isolating, waterproof and non-allergical properties and the skin, even during sport activities, remains dry and the body-temperature doesn’t change. Specific peculiarities are taken for both the right and the left foot thanks to the “Y” fitting lines on the heel.

On the website, structure and material properties explications of the product are clear and unequivocal; the client has all the necessary informations to know that avant-garde technology is the brand very first impulse and that 1177 socks are really high-quality accessories. Read more