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Francesca Castagnacci

18 Febbraio 2017


Her drawings are visionary and evoking, inspired by bright and glossy color palettes. Francesca Castagnacci founded the brand which takes her name in Florence in 2014 following her desire to put herself to the test. In love with her city and fascinated by art Francesca follows the creative flair that belongs to her turning a big challenge into a great success.

From her sketches details and colors are considered in a overall view which gives rise to unique accessories. Lines are clear and geometric, developed on shapes’ contrast. The stiff constructions’ asymmetry are shells revealing uncommon materials and uneven surfaces while matching soft and refined leather. Candy-pink, orange and sky-blue palettes set against precious finishing made of gold or coated-with-rubber.

Every collection’s creation is marked with an electromagnetic TAG; a unique fingerprint is matched with a smartphone app which spreads and duplicates via NFC technology special contents and stands for the object’s  guarantee.

The must-have accessory of the spring-summer 2017 collection is the #MNN bag. It’s worn wedged between the fingers thanks to a distinctive gap on top. The clutch is rounded and rigid shaped and it’s possible to wear it with a colored leather-covered bangle. Francesca Castagnacci has designed it also using the chic-pluriball surface, a stitched leather effect moving the intense bags’ outer layer.

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3 Gennaio 2017

The Belgian brand Komono is the result of Timing and Vision, a special intersection between the balanced forces of the two founders. Everything started  when Raf Maes, the perfectionist, and Anton Janssens, the free spirit,  met each other snowboarding and chose to share their common Belgian heritage based on fashion, design and dedication to quality.

Their views are the ones used to see over the mountains, the ones admiring and projecting constantly to the future moved by a never-ending need to dynamic tension and stream of new ideas. Komono method is to ensure a contemporary approach that avoids conventions and the inspiration is taken from culture, music and life instants.

For the fall-winter 2016/2017 collection “Crafted by Komono” is a portfolio of premium level accessories realized using high-end materials and authentic  craftsmanship. The lightness of the accessories reflects the weightless connectivity and delicate bonds that make the world so intimately attached now-a-days. The eyewear are realized using paper-thin Italian acetate and stainless steel frames. The anti-glare lenses are flat following Komono dedication to simple and basic forms.

Komono creations are shared among three deep concepts; Core – a blend of the most current trends, Crafted – the one marked by premium materials and artisanal finishing and Curated – an ongoing collection joining collaborations with the best artists of our time.

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3 Gennaio 2017

Komono founders – Raf Maes and Anton Janssens


CLIQUE – Ultimo Atto

8 Settembre 2016

1_Perchè proprio voi due gli ideatori del collettivo CLIQUE?  A quando risale la vostra primissima idea per la fondazione del progetto?

N: Ho ritrovato in Willy una persona ricca di creatività e gusto artistico. CLIQUE è nato con naturalezza e spontaneità da due persone che, a mio avviso, hanno fondato i propri progetti su basi solide; buon senso e umiltà. Una bella coppia direi!

W: Una profonda amicizia e stima reciproca ci legano da tempo. CLIQUE  è frutto di questo e soprattutto della passione per la musica, punto di vista che condividiamo.


2_Quale background musicale ed esperienze vi hanno portato fino a qui?

N: Mamma ballerina e papà dj radiofonico; la musica ha sempre fatto parte delle mie giornate fin da piccolissimo. Nel 2012 sono poi iniziate interessanti collaborazioni che mi hanno portato a viaggiare collaborando con persone fantastiche. La serata Wow al Tunnel di Reggio Emilia, il locale Rocket a Milano e il Bolgia a Bergamo sono ricordi che non dimenticherò. Durante questi anni ho sempre immaginato l’idea di un “party perfetto” e con CLIQUE spero di realizzare i traguardi prefissati.

W: Quest’ anno festeggio il mio personale ventennale come dj e CLIQUE è il simbolo di una maturità musicale acquisita nel tempo ed iniziata esattamente nel ’96. Ho avuto il privilegio di suonare nelle più importanti discoteche della zona ed il passo successivo è stata l’organizzazione di veri e propri eventi. Uno in particolare mi è entrato nel cuore; un appuntamento storico come quello delle Floppe a dire il vero credo sia nel cuore di tutti.


3_L’evento CLIQUE quest’estate ha lasciato decisamente il segno. In questi mesi quali sono state le soddisfazioni più grandi e gli ostacoli più difficili da superare?

N: Quando la gente alle 3 di notte ti chiede di non smettere di suonare vuol dire che CLIQUE sta andando per la strada giusta. Complimenti e ringraziamenti mi rendono poi orgoglioso e carico. La sfida più grande è quella contro i limiti della mentalità di alcune persone che non capiscono il valore della musica come mezzo di condivisione e sano divertimento.

W: L’entusiasmo trasmesso da chi quest’estate ci ha seguito è una bellissima soddisfazione. Impegni e sacrifici posso dire che siano stati del tutto ripagati. Forse l’unica difficoltà è quella di proporre un genere di serata molto diversa dagli standard e il rischio è quello di non essere capiti.


4_Quali sono i progetti per la prossima stagione e quali sono le realtà con cui vi piacerebbe collaborare in futuro?

N: L’obiettivo è continuare a far vivere CLIQUE anche con l’arrivo della stagione invernale. Ora l’organizzazione si fa più ardua e stiamo cercando di trovare location adatte a questo tipo di serata.

W: Grazie al sostegno e alla fiducia di molte realtà locali crediamo che il progetto CLIQUE possa e debba avere un seguito. Non ci resta che dire #staytuned…


Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari

25 Agosto 2016

Jewels are not only perfect ornaments based on the preciosity of materials. The classic and lumbering importance of gold and valuable stones is cancelled by Voodoo Jewels pure creativity and unique essence. Livia Lazzari founded in Rome in 2013 a brand able to be rebel and strong without taking advantage from the materials used. The importance for her is to enrich the accessory with its inspirations and rareness. Tribal vibes and natural spirits are the starting point for jewels reflecting the union between earthly reality and enchanted worlds.

Onirica, the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection, is born from the dream’s attraction and its mystery. The dimension carrying us off during the sleep reveals the most uncontrollable part of our mind and the most savage part of the unconscious. The creations are the fusion of distant colors and universes, limitless planets and new combinations. Geometrical shapes match fluid and abstract outlines while mythological creatures and wind touches become the very first vocation.

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L’obiettivo è liberare il gioiello dalla concezione classica di ornamento perfetto ed elevarlo a creazione ribelle e forte. Voodoo Jewels, brand nato dall’ingegno e maestria di Livia Lazzari nel 2013 a Roma, si concede il lusso di svincolarsi dalla necessaria ed ingombrante preziosità dei materiali dando valore alla pura unicità creativa. Read more


Ilke Cop

17 Agosto 2016

Don’t worry about here young age, Ilke Cop is a bomb!

Founded one year ago in Brussels, ILKECOP brand is having such a huge buyers and press success that last month she attended Amsterdam Fashion Week showing her collection! What a great exploit!

Ilke is a designer full of talent and creativity, concentrated about working hard and taking inspirations about something actually unusual but so curious. Circus atmosphere, freak shows, gipsy style and monster creatures are her flair and dinosaurs her mascot.

Three are the key points Ilke is focusing about and they’re all found in her label’s description: urban couture for the non-conformist.

Urban places and urban life are her first artistic elements developed through fashion. The colors chosen are in particular the reflection of the colors of the city, happy and bright tints that she wears (on her hair also!) and loves.

Couture represents the quality of her clothes, never considered on the background but always taken as the first need to start producing something really high standard. Entirely made in Belgium ILKECOP collections are embroidered by hand and an important attention is given to details and manufacturing.

Non-conformist means everything about sustainable and ethical production, respecting people and environment.

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Concept Stores

Thelma Coffee & Design

9 Agosto 2016

“I wanted to create a nice location to spend time”.

That was Katrien Vandenberghe’s aim when last February she thought about founding the store Thelma Coffee & Design and the result is really surprising.

Thelma Coffee & Design is the very first concept store in Leuven that combines fashion, design and bar without confusion. In this beautiful concept store you can drink a coffee reading a cool magazine, buy interesting design object and choose your look among a great selection of fashion labels.

Pastel colors meet a clean and minimal design in harmony with the white light flooding the all space.

Thelma Coffee & Design is a lovely lounge invented by a busy mum to welcome other busy mums together with their friends and children. In one place it’s possible to relax, meet people, buy cool cosmetic products, stay with children, experience shopping and eat healthy handmade food. What else?

Pass by Thelma Coffee & Design in Vaartstraat 12, 3000 Leuven and enjoy the atmosphere!

News and lovely pictures on Thelma Coffee & Design facebook page. Read more


Doriane Van Overeem

6 Agosto 2016

Two parallel universes mixed in one brand. This is Doriane Van Overeem Belgian label.

Based in Brussels after graduated at La Cambre Mode(s) in 2013, Doriane Van Overeem presents her third collection called Porn is for girls too representing clearly a creative outsider’s point of view. In her mind a precise aim; a commitment dedicated to women. Doriane empowers women and gives voice to unsaid issues, everything through fashion. Celebrating the female world using a nonconformist concept, the designer spreads strong messages showing a Grunge Chic style.

Doriane’s artistic impulse belongs to both a poetic and punk universe, where romantic and delicate flowers meet unusual textures and a rebellious spirit. The materials used are precious but comfortable, the signature is a bold courage mixed to a sweet manner and the attitude is looking at a sassy insolence that finally meets elegance.

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Due universi paralleli combinati in un brand. Questo e molto altro è Doriane Van Overeem.

Doriane vive a Bruxelles dove si è laureata a La Cambre Mode(s) nel 2013. Presenta la sua terza collezione chiamata Porn is for girls too dichiarando chiaramente il suo essere totalmente outsider. Nella sua mente un obiettivo preciso; un impegno dedicato alle donne e al mondo che le riguarda. Doriane Van Overeem da forza all’universo femminile dando voce ad aspetti e temi solitamente taciuti e, per farlo, si serve del linguaggio della moda. Celebrando il gentil sesso mediante un concept anticonformista, la designer diffonde forti e significativi messaggi con una moda dallo stile Grunge Chic dai materiali preziosi ma comodi. Read more