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Francesca Castagnacci

18 Febbraio 2017


Her drawings are visionary and evoking, inspired by bright and glossy color palettes. Francesca Castagnacci founded the brand which takes her name in Florence in 2014 following her desire to put herself to the test. In love with her city and fascinated by art Francesca follows the creative flair that belongs to her turning a big challenge into a great success.

From her sketches details and colors are considered in a overall view which gives rise to unique accessories. Lines are clear and geometric, developed on shapes’ contrast. The stiff constructions’ asymmetry are shells revealing uncommon materials and uneven surfaces while matching soft and refined leather. Candy-pink, orange and sky-blue palettes set against precious finishing made of gold or coated-with-rubber.

Every collection’s creation is marked with an electromagnetic TAG; a unique fingerprint is matched with a smartphone app which spreads and duplicates via NFC technology special contents and stands for the object’s  guarantee.

The must-have accessory of the spring-summer 2017 collection is the #MNN bag. It’s worn wedged between the fingers thanks to a distinctive gap on top. The clutch is rounded and rigid shaped and it’s possible to wear it with a colored leather-covered bangle. Francesca Castagnacci has designed it also using the chic-pluriball surface, a stitched leather effect moving the intense bags’ outer layer.

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Moda di Carta, Milano 20th October 2016 – 8th January 2017

4 Gennaio 2017

It’s called “Moda di Carta” and it’s the great exhibition of beautiful costumes made out of paper hosted by FAI at the magnificent Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan. It will finish tomorrow and, since the 20th of October 2016, it has been a real success. Isabelle De Borchgrave, Belgian designer, painter and director is known all over the world for her extraordinary talent in creating paper dresses inspired by Fashion History and famous paintings.

The legendary costumes worn by queen Elizabeth I, the best Marie Antoinette garments, Mariano Fortuny plissé and Chanel dresses together with Lanvin, Dior and Poiret creations are perfectly duplicated in paper and match wonderfully the tints and palettes of the Milanese villa built during the 30s.

Costumes’ lines and proportions are accurately copied starting from white sheets of paper and colorless chocolate paper. For silk and organza fabrics the artist uses the “veil paper” directly supplied from Cina. The designer’s creations are real paper statues painted using nothing but acrylic colors with cardboard supports in the inside. Every material is glued to the other so the masterpieces can’t be separated and need to be carried using big wood trunks.

The extreme attention dedicated to details is truly captivating. Using thin or thick paper Isabelle De Borchgrave realizes trimmings, embroideries, ornaments and stones decorations that seem really authentic. Male boots, shoes, bags, belts and hats are fantastic paper accessories completing the marvelous and unique outfits.

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3 Gennaio 2017

The Belgian brand Komono is the result of Timing and Vision, a special intersection between the balanced forces of the two founders. Everything started  when Raf Maes, the perfectionist, and Anton Janssens, the free spirit,  met each other snowboarding and chose to share their common Belgian heritage based on fashion, design and dedication to quality.

Their views are the ones used to see over the mountains, the ones admiring and projecting constantly to the future moved by a never-ending need to dynamic tension and stream of new ideas. Komono method is to ensure a contemporary approach that avoids conventions and the inspiration is taken from culture, music and life instants.

For the fall-winter 2016/2017 collection “Crafted by Komono” is a portfolio of premium level accessories realized using high-end materials and authentic  craftsmanship. The lightness of the accessories reflects the weightless connectivity and delicate bonds that make the world so intimately attached now-a-days. The eyewear are realized using paper-thin Italian acetate and stainless steel frames. The anti-glare lenses are flat following Komono dedication to simple and basic forms.

Komono creations are shared among three deep concepts; Core – a blend of the most current trends, Crafted – the one marked by premium materials and artisanal finishing and Curated – an ongoing collection joining collaborations with the best artists of our time.

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3 Gennaio 2017

Komono founders – Raf Maes and Anton Janssens



17 Luglio 2016

A young and modern concept inspired by the past, when people from everywhere met in Viadana to dance and party at La Rotonda. Bright and sparkling it moved following the music’s rhythm and the soul’s light heartedness. Today CLIQUE wants to recreate that magic atmosphere taking back La Rotonda and its vibes. CLIQUE does it playing good music and enjoying beautiful people. Like you. These are the appointments you can’t miss:

July the 22nd W/ ALFA PLANET


September the 9th CLOSING W/ CLQ RESIDENTS

The CLIQUE family transforms ideas and motivation into adrenaline and the aim is to enjoy not only music but design, fashion, places, people. Wiliam Gnaccarini and Nicola Mozzina are the founder and starters. But it’s just the beginning. Read more


90X100FERRO manifesto – the contradiction laboratory

11 Luglio 2016

Geometric lines twines inspired by the innovative prospective of the Nordic design. This is 90X100FERRO, a new craftsmanship Italian brand creating indoor and outdoor furniture loving from 2015 a concept based on the beauty and uniqueness of imperfection.

The supreme stylistic choice for 90X100FERRO’s designers is the raw material revival and iron stands as the absolute protagonist reinterpreted using lots of manufacturing techniques. Matched with wood, fabrics or plastic elements iron is a hard material handled with extreme lightness shaped in a contradictory laboratory where artisans create for very different kinds of requests.

The international taste is mixed with the best Made in Italy charm and timeless objects are appreciated also for their modern trends’ inspirations. 90X100FERRO’s aim is 90X100 clear. The 10 left is made of every creation’s eccentricity.

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Intrecci di linee geometriche ispirate al design nordico che creano inediti giochi di prospettiva. Questo è 90X100FERRO, nuova realtà di artigianato lombardo specializzato nell’arredamento d’interni ed esterni che dal 2015 ha sviluppato un concept estetico basato sull’unicità dell’imperfezione. Read more



26 Maggio 2016

It was once the suitcase, the table, the bed and the home that symbolized the identity of kingdoms. It was hanged on walls and closed off passages. Today it is accommodated on the floor, dressing the home, warming the cold parts, separating the outside from the inside, the up from the down, creating a unique space, symbolized by its very nature. Because you tread the rug for passion, barefoot. It is a regained freedom, a soft domesticity that embellishes and characterizes any environment.
Because the rug is emotion.

Karpeta introduces itself like that and everything is perfect.

Born from the love for weaving and innovation, Karpeta brand was founded in 2006 in Reggio Calabria from Daniele Morabito and Simona Scollica. A charming holiday to Thailand reveled them the harmony of the loom working slowly and rhythmically;  from here the talent to build up a strong brand identity representing research and style.

Between modernity and tradition colorful natural fibers weave together in a contemporary and surprising result. The pleasure of living home spaces is enriched with refined design and personal taste.

Stealing the name of islands and magical locations and atmospheres, Karpeta collections are realized with cotton, linen, silk and wool. Furthermore the tailor made service guides the client thinking and designing his home textiles.

Visit the website ; every rugs is described in every characteristic, reports the name of the creator and the technique she/he used to made it. Read more