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Francesca Castagnacci

18 Febbraio 2017


Her drawings are visionary and evoking, inspired by bright and glossy color palettes. Francesca Castagnacci founded the brand which takes her name in Florence in 2014 following her desire to put herself to the test. In love with her city and fascinated by art Francesca follows the creative flair that belongs to her turning a big challenge into a great success.

From her sketches details and colors are considered in a overall view which gives rise to unique accessories. Lines are clear and geometric, developed on shapes’ contrast. The stiff constructions’ asymmetry are shells revealing uncommon materials and uneven surfaces while matching soft and refined leather. Candy-pink, orange and sky-blue palettes set against precious finishing made of gold or coated-with-rubber.

Every collection’s creation is marked with an electromagnetic TAG; a unique fingerprint is matched with a smartphone app which spreads and duplicates via NFC technology special contents and stands for the object’s  guarantee.

The must-have accessory of the spring-summer 2017 collection is the #MNN bag. It’s worn wedged between the fingers thanks to a distinctive gap on top. The clutch is rounded and rigid shaped and it’s possible to wear it with a colored leather-covered bangle. Francesca Castagnacci has designed it also using the chic-pluriball surface, a stitched leather effect moving the intense bags’ outer layer.

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Concept Stores

Société Anonyme

6 Ottobre 2015

The name is an homage to the New York art gallery founded in the 20s by Marcel Duchamp and Peggy Guggenheim hosting avant-garde expositions, publications and concerts. Florence, sublime beauty, is the background. There could be no better contest for the concept store Société Anonyme. From 1999 the underground inspiration of the shop is the best way to match both art and fashion. London, Berlin and Antwerp youth atmosphere is the perfect example for Massimiliano Giannelli, owner and founder of the store.

Like Marcel Duchamp, Massimiliano chooses dada objects to decorate the openspace and enrich the style. The concept store is like a big industrial space where different materials are mixed in an unusual balance. White, prevalent on walls and floors, lends order and harmony to the all shop.

Set in the artistic and literary S.Ambrogio neighborhood, Société Anonyme is a real art space; expositions and events are frequently programmed and the store is known as one of the best in the city. A focused selection of international designers next to niche brands stands for a great research project. Société Anonyme is also an accessories and clothing label designed by Massimiliano Giannelli; sold in the store and available on the brand is synonymous of bohemian and sophisticated style.

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Il nome è un omaggio alla galleria d’arte fondata a New York negli anni ’20 da Marcel Duchamp e Peggy Guggenheim per ospitare mostre, pubblicazioni e performance d’avanguardia. Firenze, sublime esaltazione del bello, fa da sfondo. Quale contesto migliore per Société Anonyme? Fondato nel 1999, il concept store dall’ispirazione underground tipica di città europee come Londra, Berlino e Anversa si propone come connubio tra moda e arte, tra abbigliamento e dada. Read more