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Blazé Milano

24 Aprile 2017

Short  sentences and hidden incitements. “Every cool girl is half boy” is the very first manifest of the Italian brand Blazé Milano. Delfina, Sole e Corrada (unusual names as the unexpected label) have clear ideas; transforming the ever-green outerwear in a modern but classic way to dress. Blazé Milano, founded in 2016 links comfort, precious textiles and unmistakable Italian taste.

The jacket, symbol of male elegance and charm, is taken apart, interpreted, studied and at the end realized for her. Starting from the centerpiece of their fathers’ closet and from theier everyday uniforms, the designers imagine and project jackets for every occasion, from the smoking till the casual outfit.

Perfectly conscious and grateful to the key role that this garment has taken in the costume  history, Delfina, Sole e Corrada travel to the Savile Row time moving towards the jacket usage for sport activities like tennis or cricket arriving to the must have clothing according to Coco Chanel.

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Frasi ad impatto e sottili provocazioni. “Every cool girl is half boy” è la frase d’apertura per il loro sito. Delfina, Sole e Corrada (nomi insoliti per un brand altrettanto unico nel suo genere) hanno le idee chiare; fare del capospalla per eccellenza il simbolo di un moderno ma classico modo di vestire. Blazé Milano, fondato nel 2016 nella capitale della moda italiana, unisce comfort, tessuti pregiati e gusto italiano. Read more