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18 Marzo 2017

For everything you consider essential Pijama has invented a case. In the meantime it colors your day and your humor! From 2006 Pijama accessories combine comfort and innovation and are created to match design and handiness, technology and patterns. The very first idea for the fashion designer Monica Battistella and the architect Sergio Gobbi was born from the need to protect Macbook, iPhone and iPod, later the smart concept for iPad cases and lifestyle devices. In a dense synthesis of functionality and beauty, Pijama takes neoprene as the perfect material to be enriched with patterns and different kind of textiles.

Among the news of the fall-winter 2016/2017 collection the Macro Herringbone textile created with wool and recycled cachemire realized in orange or pink palettes , the Dandy Check, squared motif made in wool with dark tones and the Dandy Sport, reconsidering Pijama’s first vintage patterns. Sofa Lurex is the jacquard with lurex details chosen in blu and white optical. New entry are the Classic Backpack, Wallet for her, Handle Bag and Rucksack with adjustable shoulder-rope and the classic Velcro latch.

The collaborations during 2016 have been a great success. The one with Brionvega, brand of the famous cube-radio taken from the 60s, leaded to the creation of the colorful and handy cube-shaped case for the radio. During Milan Design Week Pijama joined the French brand Papier Tigre realizing stationery cases and the notebook pocket using the unique Camo digital printing. For the 10th anniversary of the Italian design and communication studio Oggettispeciali based in Bologna, Pijama sewed a limited edition of bags and accessories.

Pijama matches with style both job and free-time, thinking about smart and useful solutions; sunglasses cases, slippers, travel accessories, home textiles and accessories for the bike lovers like zipped seat covers and pant savers with reflective details.

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Per qualsiasi cosa sia per te indispensabile Pijama ha inventato un involucro protettivo. Nel frattempo aggiunge alla tua giornata un po’ di colore. Dal 2006 gli accessori Pijama sono comodi ed innovativi, pensati per combinare design e praticità, pattern e tecnologia. L’idea iniziale della fashion designer Monica Battistella e dell’architetto Sergio Gobbi è nata dall’esigenza di proteggere Macbook, iPhone e iPod, successiva è invece l’idea di case per iPad, borse ed accessori lifestyle. In una densa sintesi di funzionalità ed estetica, Pijama ha fatto del neoprene il materiale perfetto per essere combinato a tessuti a fantasia e pattern unici. Read more


Moda di Carta, Milano 20th October 2016 – 8th January 2017

4 Gennaio 2017

It’s called “Moda di Carta” and it’s the great exhibition of beautiful costumes made out of paper hosted by FAI at the magnificent Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan. It will finish tomorrow and, since the 20th of October 2016, it has been a real success. Isabelle De Borchgrave, Belgian designer, painter and director is known all over the world for her extraordinary talent in creating paper dresses inspired by Fashion History and famous paintings.

The legendary costumes worn by queen Elizabeth I, the best Marie Antoinette garments, Mariano Fortuny plissé and Chanel dresses together with Lanvin, Dior and Poiret creations are perfectly duplicated in paper and match wonderfully the tints and palettes of the Milanese villa built during the 30s.

Costumes’ lines and proportions are accurately copied starting from white sheets of paper and colorless chocolate paper. For silk and organza fabrics the artist uses the “veil paper” directly supplied from Cina. The designer’s creations are real paper statues painted using nothing but acrylic colors with cardboard supports in the inside. Every material is glued to the other so the masterpieces can’t be separated and need to be carried using big wood trunks.

The extreme attention dedicated to details is truly captivating. Using thin or thick paper Isabelle De Borchgrave realizes trimmings, embroideries, ornaments and stones decorations that seem really authentic. Male boots, shoes, bags, belts and hats are fantastic paper accessories completing the marvelous and unique outfits.

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90X100FERRO manifesto – the contradiction laboratory

11 Luglio 2016

Geometric lines twines inspired by the innovative prospective of the Nordic design. This is 90X100FERRO, a new craftsmanship Italian brand creating indoor and outdoor furniture loving from 2015 a concept based on the beauty and uniqueness of imperfection.

The supreme stylistic choice for 90X100FERRO’s designers is the raw material revival and iron stands as the absolute protagonist reinterpreted using lots of manufacturing techniques. Matched with wood, fabrics or plastic elements iron is a hard material handled with extreme lightness shaped in a contradictory laboratory where artisans create for very different kinds of requests.

The international taste is mixed with the best Made in Italy charm and timeless objects are appreciated also for their modern trends’ inspirations. 90X100FERRO’s aim is 90X100 clear. The 10 left is made of every creation’s eccentricity.

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Intrecci di linee geometriche ispirate al design nordico che creano inediti giochi di prospettiva. Questo è 90X100FERRO, nuova realtà di artigianato lombardo specializzato nell’arredamento d’interni ed esterni che dal 2015 ha sviluppato un concept estetico basato sull’unicità dell’imperfezione. Read more



4 Maggio 2016

Founded in Milan in 2015 by Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato, edithmarcel brand is what I call surprising. It reflects the theme of gender identity studied in particular through lengths, forms and volumes that can fit both men and women and the collection created are entirely unisex. The same pieces of clothing proffered are designed to dress female and male bodies because, according to the creators, it’s not the outfit dressing the gender but the gender characterizing the dress.

The challenge for edithmarcel fall winter 2016/2017 collection is taking as key element one of the cornerstones of the female wardrobe: the little black dress. Without considering conventional gender divisions, the iconic dress born in 1962 thanks to Coco Chanel is re-interpreted starting from its materiality and simple form. The collection is made of functional and transformable clothes,  playing on purpose with boundaries and contributing to create conscious confusion.

The color palette is always about neutral tones and tints, starting from camel to black to ice grey. The cleanness and linearity that characterize the aesthetics of the brand are not betrayed even if in this collection a few decorations are hazarded. The stylized flowers applied on t-shirts remember that the ornament, if measured, can be pleasant crime.

Staying tuned is a duty.

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Fondato a Milano nel 2015 da Gianluca Ferracin e Andrea Masato, il brand edithmarcel simboleggia ciò che io descrivo come stupefacente. Il marchio riflette il tema dell’identità di genere studiando in particolare lunghezze, forme e volumi che possono essere perfetti sia per uomo che per donna e le collezioni sono interamente unisex. Lo stesso pezzo è disegnato e proposto per il corpo maschile e femminile perché, secondo i creatori, non è l’abito a descrivere il genere ma è il genere a raccontare l’abito.

La sfida edithmarcel per la collezione autunno inverno 2016/2017 è quella di interpretare una delle certezze del guardaroba femminile: l’intramontabile “little black dress”. Senza considerare distinzioni legate all’identità di genere, l’iconico vestito nato nel 1962 grazie a Coco Chanel è reinventato partendo dalla sua semplice forma. La collezione è composta da un abbigliamento funzionale e trasformabile, pensato di proposito per  creare una cosciente confusione mediante l’abbattimento di barriere e preconcetti. Read more



12 Aprile 2016

Narguess Hatami is the creative soul of the brand Miahatami, label founded in 2015 in San Marino. The name, a clear reference to the designer’s surname, reflects her family artistical Persian roots and the Middle East culture.

Influenced by art and its thousand sides and in particular inspired by painting, drawing and music, Narguess creates an intercultural, eclectic and sophisticated style. Colors, patterns and traditions are the main values for Miahatami, brand that the creator considers “a meeting point between Middle East and European design”.

For the spring-summer 2016 collection a very contemporary femininity starts from tapestries and frescoes typical of the Persian Empire. The charm of iconography travels from kilim carpets to the image of the sovereign FathAli taken as a decoration for t-shirts and shirts thanks to the illustrator Federico Monzani. The study of shapes is a light abundance of volumes and rational imbalances. Repeated overlapping give movement to the silhouette and, in many cases, the veiled transparent outer layer reveals the internal one, featuring both the same patterns which create three-dimensional impressions. Kaleioscopic pictures, embroideries and colors quote the atmosphere of Persia, the legendary “silk road”. Royal blue, canary yellow, flame red and sunny orange play with each other in prints, stripes and inserts while nobles materials coexist with techno-textures: nylon organza and silk organza, poplin, georgette and duchess, raffia and cotton.

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