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18 Marzo 2017

For everything you consider essential Pijama has invented a case. In the meantime it colors your day and your humor! From 2006 Pijama accessories combine comfort and innovation and are created to match design and handiness, technology and patterns. The very first idea for the fashion designer Monica Battistella and the architect Sergio Gobbi was born from the need to protect Macbook, iPhone and iPod, later the smart concept for iPad cases and lifestyle devices. In a dense synthesis of functionality and beauty, Pijama takes neoprene as the perfect material to be enriched with patterns and different kind of textiles.

Among the news of the fall-winter 2016/2017 collection the Macro Herringbone textile created with wool and recycled cachemire realized in orange or pink palettes , the Dandy Check, squared motif made in wool with dark tones and the Dandy Sport, reconsidering Pijama’s first vintage patterns. Sofa Lurex is the jacquard with lurex details chosen in blu and white optical. New entry are the Classic Backpack, Wallet for her, Handle Bag and Rucksack with adjustable shoulder-rope and the classic Velcro latch.

The collaborations during 2016 have been a great success. The one with Brionvega, brand of the famous cube-radio taken from the 60s, leaded to the creation of the colorful and handy cube-shaped case for the radio. During Milan Design Week Pijama joined the French brand Papier Tigre realizing stationery cases and the notebook pocket using the unique Camo digital printing. For the 10th anniversary of the Italian design and communication studio Oggettispeciali based in Bologna, Pijama sewed a limited edition of bags and accessories.

Pijama matches with style both job and free-time, thinking about smart and useful solutions; sunglasses cases, slippers, travel accessories, home textiles and accessories for the bike lovers like zipped seat covers and pant savers with reflective details.

Pijama is available also online on .

Per qualsiasi cosa sia per te indispensabile Pijama ha inventato un involucro protettivo. Nel frattempo aggiunge alla tua giornata un po’ di colore. Dal 2006 gli accessori Pijama sono comodi ed innovativi, pensati per combinare design e praticità, pattern e tecnologia. L’idea iniziale della fashion designer Monica Battistella e dell’architetto Sergio Gobbi è nata dall’esigenza di proteggere Macbook, iPhone e iPod, successiva è invece l’idea di case per iPad, borse ed accessori lifestyle. In una densa sintesi di funzionalità ed estetica, Pijama ha fatto del neoprene il materiale perfetto per essere combinato a tessuti a fantasia e pattern unici. Read more



24 Maggio 2016

Bonotto is a story started in 1912 living now its fourth family generation. Founded in Vicenza as a small business producing straw hats, from 1972 the company is a landmark for international textile handcraft and research in fashion.

Against industrial standardization and low-cost serial production, Bonotto Spa raised quality as the very first priority thanks to the concept of Fabbrica Lenta (Slow Industry). From 2007 Bonotto started using mechanical machineries without automatisms establishing an ancient and natural connection between man and machine. As a contemporary development of the Renaissance atelier, the Fabbrica Lenta method gives value to the product while creating an handmade luxury.

200 master artisans work at four different textile collections; from the prêt à porter line to the sportswear for man, from the modern luxury textile to the creations realized with ancient Japanese looms.

Talking about Japan I can’t forget to mention the international artist Yoko Ono as main sponsor for Bonotto Foundation in 2013. The year after with the project called Fabrics Room, Bonotto chose to make the company textiles available to the best international fashion schools. Bonotto is also an historical archive with thousand of vintage creations perfect to fill needs of technical research and immense beauty.

Visit the website and .

Bonotto è una storia nata nel 1912 e arrivata oggi alla quarta generazione. Fondata all’inizio per produrre cappelli in paglia, l’azienda vicentina è oggi un’industria verticale a ciclo completo che dal 1972 fa della manifattura e ricerca tessile un riferimento internazionale nel campo della moda. Read more