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Sartoria Vico

7 Giugno 2016

“We dream big take care of every little detail.

With love, in Italy”.

It’s a clear and declared promise, considered for ironic, creative and free women.

Sartoria Vico, brand founded in Milan in 2012, imagines clothes sarting from the body shapes and realizes them carefully chosing high quality materials for a real and durable comfort.

The different wearability of Sartoria Vico collections offer different kind of matching and inspirations, for a wardrobe never out of fashion.

Knitwear is the fil rouge through the seasons; essential style, volume’s study and semplicity the priorities.

For the spring summer 2016 collection Sartoria Vico transposes on design suggestions like fresh air smell and raibow-coloured horizons. In the color palette the main tints are light and warm. Ochre, bright red and pink let the mind travel to a summer sunset while black, grey and white tones are neutral and always perfect. The knitting techniques switch between symmetric and regular lines and open and blurred forms, everything balanced moving. The perfect mix of oversize kimono and wide-legged trousers coexists with slim longuette and skinny dresses.

Sartoria Vico is designed to be timeless, created to reach pure and eternal forms.

Visit the website .

“Sogniamo in grande curando i più piccoli dettagli.

Con amore, in Italia”.

Una dichiarata e sincera promessa, pensata per donne ironiche, creative e dallo spirito libero. Read more



26 Maggio 2016

It was once the suitcase, the table, the bed and the home that symbolized the identity of kingdoms. It was hanged on walls and closed off passages. Today it is accommodated on the floor, dressing the home, warming the cold parts, separating the outside from the inside, the up from the down, creating a unique space, symbolized by its very nature. Because you tread the rug for passion, barefoot. It is a regained freedom, a soft domesticity that embellishes and characterizes any environment.
Because the rug is emotion.

Karpeta introduces itself like that and everything is perfect.

Born from the love for weaving and innovation, Karpeta brand was founded in 2006 in Reggio Calabria from Daniele Morabito and Simona Scollica. A charming holiday to Thailand reveled them the harmony of the loom working slowly and rhythmically;  from here the talent to build up a strong brand identity representing research and style.

Between modernity and tradition colorful natural fibers weave together in a contemporary and surprising result. The pleasure of living home spaces is enriched with refined design and personal taste.

Stealing the name of islands and magical locations and atmospheres, Karpeta collections are realized with cotton, linen, silk and wool. Furthermore the tailor made service guides the client thinking and designing his home textiles.

Visit the website ; every rugs is described in every characteristic, reports the name of the creator and the technique she/he used to made it. Read more



24 Maggio 2016

Bonotto is a story started in 1912 living now its fourth family generation. Founded in Vicenza as a small business producing straw hats, from 1972 the company is a landmark for international textile handcraft and research in fashion.

Against industrial standardization and low-cost serial production, Bonotto Spa raised quality as the very first priority thanks to the concept of Fabbrica Lenta (Slow Industry). From 2007 Bonotto started using mechanical machineries without automatisms establishing an ancient and natural connection between man and machine. As a contemporary development of the Renaissance atelier, the Fabbrica Lenta method gives value to the product while creating an handmade luxury.

200 master artisans work at four different textile collections; from the prêt à porter line to the sportswear for man, from the modern luxury textile to the creations realized with ancient Japanese looms.

Talking about Japan I can’t forget to mention the international artist Yoko Ono as main sponsor for Bonotto Foundation in 2013. The year after with the project called Fabrics Room, Bonotto chose to make the company textiles available to the best international fashion schools. Bonotto is also an historical archive with thousand of vintage creations perfect to fill needs of technical research and immense beauty.

Visit the website and .

Bonotto è una storia nata nel 1912 e arrivata oggi alla quarta generazione. Fondata all’inizio per produrre cappelli in paglia, l’azienda vicentina è oggi un’industria verticale a ciclo completo che dal 1972 fa della manifattura e ricerca tessile un riferimento internazionale nel campo della moda. Read more


Pommes De Claire – MIX & MATCH Collection

23 Marzo 2016

Mix & Match is synonymous of versatility and Made in Italy tailoring. From 2014 the Italian brand Pommes de Claire designed by Chiara Salvioli is enriched with a continual collection next to the seasonal ones. The chromatic choice is absolute; just black and white. Basic pieces of clothing realized to be combined and mixed for never-ending looks. The process is simple and funny:

  • Choose the top: shirt, t-shirt, top, jacket and outercoat.
  • Choose the second piece: skirt or trousers.
  • Mix & Match.

Even if Mix & Match color choice is only about black and white, from the textile point of view there’s such an explosion of experiments. Pattern, lace, leather, cotton, wool, jacquard, silk. Everything mixed with cool accessories like collars and suspenders.

For the spring-summer 2016 the news is lace. For the first time the designer introduces long dresses in two different versions: in black with long sleeves and calf-length skirt or in black with short sleeves and long ankle-length skirt. The lace bomber jacket is fabulous!

Mix & Match is available online on .

Mix & Match è sinonimo di versatilità e sartorialità Made in Italy. Dal 2014 il marchio mantovano Pommes de Claire di Chiara Salvioli si arricchisce di una collezione continuativa parallela alle proposte stagionali che persegue una scelta cromatica ben precisa; bianco e nero. Capi basici e senza tempo sono realizzati per essere combinati e mescolati; l’obiettivo è comporre look sempre diversi e adatti ad ogni occasione. Il procedimento è semplice e divertente:

  • scegli il capo sopra: camicia, top, giaccha, gilet e capospalla.
  • scegli il capo sotto: gonna e pantalone.
  • Mix & Match.

Se dal punto di vista cromatico Mix & Match non si discosta da bianco e nero, dal punto di vista dei tessuti la collezione è esplosiva. Pattern, pizzi, pelle, cotone, lana, jacquard, seta. Il tutto abbinato ad accessori come colletti o bretelle.

Per la primavera-estate 2016 i pezzi chiave Mix & Match sono in pizzo. Per la prima volta la designer propone un abito lungo realizzato in due versioni: nero con maniche lunghe e gonna all’altezza del ginocchio oppure nero con maniche corte e lungo fino alle caviglie. Il bomber in pizzo poi è una favola!

Mix & Match è disponibile esclusivamente online su .


Eva Velazquez

9 Marzo 2016

Eva Velazquez takes inspiration from history and its importance. The brand founded in Bruxelles in 2014 by Eva and Hugo Velazquez has strong roots in the past, honoring the nobility of history and making up for the lost time.

In love with timeless clothing, the designers are fascinated by the aesthetic of farmers’ coveralls, housecoats and military uniforms and they re-interpret that style transforming ancient garments in contemporary clothing for women. Mixing different social classes’ costumes, Eva Velazquez challenges the aesthetic values of the modern society’s rules giving nobility to poor clothes. Eva Velazquez preserves and enhances the beauty of old clothes as symbol of quality that lasts in the years. The “ancien” soul of every collection and accessory is the result of intense studies and knowledge of fashion history, very important theme for the creative duo.

Designed and produced entirely in Belgium, Eva Velazquez clothes are realized using pure textiles. Linen, cotton, silk and velvet but also raw materials like wool and canvas. Ancien Atelier is the most exclusive capsule and the symbol of limitless stylistic research, combining ancient pieces from all over Europe chosen for textile’s quality, artisanal manufacturing and uniqueness. Once clean and fixed they are sold as models which safeguard the value of time through generations.

In the first Eva Velazquez store in Bruxelles Eva and Hugo will love to tell you the story of every garment and you will travel to another age. From the fall-winter 2016-2017 season a new men collection will be available.

Visit the website .

Eva Velazquez si ispira alla storia onorando le qualità del saper fare e dell’essenzialità. Il marchio non inventa tendenze e nuovi stili ma fonda le radici nel passato, portandone in vita la preziosità. Eva e Hugo Velazquez fondano il brand a Bruxelles nel 2014 e, in un epoca in cui la nozione di progresso è legata alla catastrofe e al deterioramento, fanno del recupero della storia la loro filosofia. Read more