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Vittorio Branchizio

25 Agosto 2016

Recently exposing for Il Nuovo Vocabolario Della Moda Italiana at La Triennale in Milan, Vittorio Branchizio is the symbol of modern knitwear study, that is his innate vocation and his stylistic characteristic. His creations arise from an authentic technical research and experimentation constantly powered by visual arts contaminations and inspirations. Founded in Brescia in 2015, Vittorio Branchizio brand raises male knitwear to a contemporary and conceptual project based on extraordinary fusions between post industry and poetic atmospheres.

The harmonic couple which definitely marks Vittorio Branchizio masterpieces develops from  the shapes’ romantic minimalism and the textures’ geometries. Everything enriched with the exclusive use of noble fibers and prestigious materials.

After being selected for the project “The Latest Fashion Buzz” promoted by L’Uomo Vogue and GQ in 2015 and after winning “Who’s on Next” Uomo 2015 competition, Vittorio Branchizio introduces Materica, the fall-winter 2016-2017 collection. Exploring the material twists of river Arno stones, the designer transposes on textures their irregular outlines and figures. Using palette colors in dark blue, pink tones and icy-grey he develops the clothes from the design till the production creating an intimate and pictorial mood with Middle-East lengths and Oriental proportions. Iconic male pieces like bomber, leather jackets and double-breasted coats are overlapped in a no-frontiers global mix.

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26 Maggio 2016

It was once the suitcase, the table, the bed and the home that symbolized the identity of kingdoms. It was hanged on walls and closed off passages. Today it is accommodated on the floor, dressing the home, warming the cold parts, separating the outside from the inside, the up from the down, creating a unique space, symbolized by its very nature. Because you tread the rug for passion, barefoot. It is a regained freedom, a soft domesticity that embellishes and characterizes any environment.
Because the rug is emotion.

Karpeta introduces itself like that and everything is perfect.

Born from the love for weaving and innovation, Karpeta brand was founded in 2006 in Reggio Calabria from Daniele Morabito and Simona Scollica. A charming holiday to Thailand reveled them the harmony of the loom working slowly and rhythmically;  from here the talent to build up a strong brand identity representing research and style.

Between modernity and tradition colorful natural fibers weave together in a contemporary and surprising result. The pleasure of living home spaces is enriched with refined design and personal taste.

Stealing the name of islands and magical locations and atmospheres, Karpeta collections are realized with cotton, linen, silk and wool. Furthermore the tailor made service guides the client thinking and designing his home textiles.

Visit the website ; every rugs is described in every characteristic, reports the name of the creator and the technique she/he used to made it. Read more

Concept Stores


18 Agosto 2015

Pastel colors and a delicate atmosphere catch the visitors’ attention walking down Nationalestraat in Antwerp and Onderbergen in Ghent.

The A.PUUR.A boutiques welcome anyone is looking for a particular object to decorate a private own space like a kitchen corner or a studio. Every time I enter the shop I’m surrounded by delicateness and a soft mood. Every single product is positioned near others from the same color and tint, all of them matching perfectly the neutral wood shop furniture.

The visual is curated by the owner and creator of A.PUUR.A brand Katrien Buyle. I had the pleasure to meet her and immediately is clear how she loves her job. “Doing research is my passion and I love discover new talented designer who can help me articulate the concept in my stores” she said. Katrien is fascinated by fabrics and textiles, with a special taste for oriental textures and patterns. That’s why every year she travels to India or Japan to get inspired and develop new interesting workshops together with local people.

Carpets and cushions remind immediately the eastern culture and lifestyle and wood shades of furniture are combined to colored patterns on fabrics and ceramics. For the limited edition clothes collection A.PUUR.A, Katrien Buyle chooses a touch of japanese style thanks to gold embroideries on structured jackets and colored silk shirts. “I want to sell a design rich of colors and textures because people love chromatism” the designer said. Read more